Public health expenditures will reach 188,6 billion TL in 2020

Public health expenditures will reach 188,6 billion TL in 2020
22 January 2020

According to the President of Health Economics and Policy Association Güvenç Koçkaya’s statements, most resources were allocated to public health expenditures in 2020. Health expenditures are expected to increase and reach 188.8 billion TL in 2020.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Different methods used in the pricing of pharmaceutical expenditures, which have an important place in health expenditures in the "Health Economics Symposium" hosted by the Health Economics and Policy Association and Medipol University Health Systems and Policies Application and Research Center, were evaluated with the participation of international speakers.

The President of the Health Economics and Policy Association, who shared the details of 2020 health expenditures at the symposium. Güvenç Koçkaya said: “The 2020 Central Government Budget was approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, with an estimated 1 trillion 95.5 billion TL. Health expenditures, which received a share of 17.2% from the said budget, were determined as 188.6 billion. While the total expenditure of the Social Security Institution (SGK), which is critical for health expenditures, is announced as 524 billion TL, 122 billion TL of this amount is planned to be used within the scope of health expenditures.

"Almost 25% of the SSI budget is spent on health spending."

Güvenç Koçkaya, who also details the health expenditures of SGK, said that "The amount of TL 218 billion, which is planned to be transferred to the SGK from the central government budget in 2020, will be spent to cover the general health insurance premiums of those who have no payment power. leaving part of the planned 135 billion. almost leaving their healthcare spending 25`% of the SSI budget with another expression. the central budget of the Ministry of Health is reaching about 58.8 billion. the Republic of Turkey in 2020, most budget health to distinguish in the public budget ” he said.

"Turkey is implementing incentive-based pricing to protect domestic pharmaceutical industry"

Professor of Health Economics and Policy Association and Hacettepe University Department of Economics professor. Dr In his presentation, Zafer Çalışkan stated that drug pricing policy and drug expenditure varies from country to country, but increasing needs in treatment are increasingly converging. In other words, he stressed that, despite the difference in the pricing/budgeting policy of medicines and medical devices among countries, it is imperative that policy-making on demand for new/innovative treatments is compulsory. Health Economics and Policy Association Treasurer and Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Health Management lecturer. Gülpembe Oguzhan this situation Turkey to evaluate the special, innovative product prices in Turkey, especially while lower than in other countries due to the fixed exchange rate arrangement and the discount rate, stressed that may be higher compared to other countries of similar products prices. Dr Turkey Guvench Koçkaya the drug / medical device pricing policy is not only the production and export of medium and spending across the board, which will determine the direction of spending in the long term also stressed that need to be addressed.

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