Foire industrielle en ligne Çerkezköy a commencé avec une large participation

Foire industrielle en ligne Çerkezköy a commencé avec une large participation
07 Octobre 2020

Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair (ÇEF), the first and only Industrial Fair in Thrace, was conducted online this year. At the opening of the fourth fair, the president of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop also attended from his office room. Online stands will be open to visitors 24 hours a day for 3 days.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair, organized in cooperation with (ÇTSO) Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Thrace Development Agency, started with an online ceremony. Speaker of Parliament and Tekirdag deputy Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Governor of Tekirdag Aziz Yildirim, Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Thrace Development Agency Secretary General Mahmut Şahin Cerkezkoy TSO President Süleyman Kozuva attended  the online opening. During the opening ceremony, moderated by Neslihan Maltepe, the respect standing and the National Anthem were honoured. Then protocol gave keynote speeches.

Şentop: Online fair is advantageous

President of the Parliament Prof. Dr. Şentop, started with the following words, "I, as the son of Thrace, Tekirdağ, care very much about every work done in our region, in our city. I accept the duty to be with you and offer support in your activities." I have been a close witness since the beginning of the efforts of the chairman and board members of our Chamber of Commerce and industry for the Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair held online. I am very happy to be among you on the occasion of the opening of the Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair.”

Şentop said "We are launching this exhibition, which improve and strengthen the position of Marmara, and of course ensure that you stand out in the international arena in accordance with the spirit of the fair to bring together sellers and buyers, it is cooperation of our state and our entrepreneurs. Do not be upset that the exhibition being interactive this year due to the emergence of the Covid-19 virus and the measures taken after it. Although the online Fair may seem to be disadvantageous in terms of being the first experience, it will also create an advantage in terms of the experience it will bring. Digital communication has eliminated the concept of time and space. It will offer remote access. It will be possible to examine the products from the screen. In addition, millions of people will be able to participate nationally and internationally. It made communication and interaction extremely easy. Moreover, it gained considerable weight in trade.”

"Our SMEs should be encouraged to invest in e-commerce and technological infrastructure”

Şentop said, “I think that organizers and participants will have greater experience in this matter and will open new windows for them in the light of the experience they will gain. Because it is an indisputable fact that the weight of e-commerce and technology will increase in the economy of the future. Our SMEs should be encouraged to invest in e-commerce and technological infrastructure, and even some investment incentives should be given in this regard. I will always be your supporter in this regard. " said. Stating that he believes that the online fair will bring new horizons to the Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly also said, “I congratulate the chairman of our chamber, Mr. Süleyman Kozuva and the members of the board of directors for organizing the fourth edition of the fair that makes us proud. I would like to thank our Thrace Development Agency for its services and support. I would like to express that your contribution to the future success will never be forgotten. With these feelings and thoughts, I hope the Çerkezköy Industrial Fair held online this year will be beneficial.”

We will meet buyer and seller, manufacturer and consumer on computer screen”

2020 is a difficult and troubled year; at an unexpected moment, the pandemic began and threatened the whole world, Şentop concluded his words with the following statements: "but for Turkey, this process has been reversed. The reason for the reversal is the dynamism of our small and medium-sized industry. Our industrialists and businessmen are people who do not give up in the face of difficulties. Nor did they stop during the Coronavirus. They saw the threat of an epidemic as an opportunity to prepare for the future. The online fair we have opened is an indication of this. We'll see its beneficial results soon. We will meet the buyer and seller, the manufacturer and the consumer on the computer screen. The experience, which will be acquired this year, will shed light on the years to come. In the following years, it may also be online or offline. In fact, its duration may not be limited to three days. Thus, promotion and sale of products from Çerkezköy can also be made from the e-commerce web page to be prepared by our Chamber of Commerce and Industry."

Vali Yıldırım: Our fair is the opportunity to expand the business network

Tekirdag Governor Yildirim also stated that the Fair was held online due to the covid-19 pandemic. Expressing his belief that industrialists will benefit from the fair to the maximum extent, Yildirim said: “Our Fair will give participating companies the opportunity to follow innovations and developments in the sector, to meet with different companies in the business area, to meet new people for possible business opportunities and to expand the Business Network. Participants will have the opportunity to improve their industry knowledge, strengthen their customer relationship network and strengthen brand awareness.".

Hisarcıklıoğlu: Çerkezköy continues to glorify itself

Hisarcıklıoğlu, president of TOBB, expressed his satisfaction that Çerkezköy, one of the important industrial centers of Turkey, worked and produced with perseverance and determination despite the global pandemic disaster. Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that Çerkezköy continues to glorify itself by revealing the most beautiful products in the online fair, and celebrated the conduction of this important fair by moving to the online environment, Çerkezköy TSO President Süleyman Kozuva and those who have retired.

Şahin: Fair according to the new standarts

Thrace Development Agency Secretary General Mahmut Şahin, in his speech, emphasized that the fair was carried out according to the new standarts. At the fair, participants can expand their business volume by conducting bilateral meetings; they can play a more active role in the region, Şahin said;

“We adapt quickly to the conditions of time, both in health and in the management of foreign trade and services. We are also one of the fastest and most efficient digitizing countries in the world. Due to pandemic measures, physical fairs around the world began to be cancelled and online fairs increased, the online fair support package was announced by our presidency. Our government gives serious support to those who participate in international online fairs and those who organize fairs. The support shows the importance our government attaches to the issue. It shows how quickly we respond to new crises and challenges. We, as regional actors, have not lagged behind. As our state and government have taken an approach, we have adapted many of our activities to the new standarts with a concerted move. We digitized our fair and empowered it.”

Kozuva: significant contribution to the SMEs and large-scale companies

Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Süleyman Kozuva, in his speech, thanked everyone who supported and contributed to the online fair, reminded that Çerkezköy Industrial Fair is the first and only Industrial Fair of the Thrace region. Kozuva stated that the Fair will make a significant contribution to the cooperation of SMEs in the region with large-scale companies during 3 days and 24 hours period, “an efficient environment will be created for our large-scale companies in terms of recognizing the subsidiary industrial sectors in our region. At our fair - on the online platform, a large number of our companies from almost every sector opened stands: from iron and steel to machinery, from mechanics to construction and building materials, from health to textiles, from automotive to plastic and chemistry, from software to food.”.

Kozuva also gave the following information about the fair; “Live Sessions will be held between 10.00-17.00 hours for three days in our free exhibition. During these sessions, he will make valuable names, speeches and presentations from each other. Our participants can learn about our speakers online. They can ask our speakers questions, they can get opinions. They can contact other participants, find new firms and people, hopefully create new business connections. For this purpose, they can make one-to-one video meetings.”

After the speeches, the opening of the fair was held online.

What will you see at Online ÇEF?

Online Cerkezkoy Industrial Fair, organized by Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ÇTSO) and Thrace Development Agency, will be held between 6-7-8 October 2020. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, live sessions will be held between 10:00 and 17:00 at the fair, which will be held online for free this year. During the sessions, important people of the ecosystem will give speeches and presentations. Online stands that companies will open at the Fair will also be open to visitors 24 hours a day for 3 days.