What is the ideal frequency of sending press releases?

Frequency of sending press releases is one of the key factors to consider while communicating with journalists. So, how often should press releases be sent? What is the perfect frequency of sending press releases?

Brands, companies or NGOs must be visible in the media to reach their target audience and increase their brand awareness. Journalists are the ones that provide this visibility. In order to maintain effective communication with journalists while distributing a press release, it is necessary to pay special attention to some important points. One of them is determining the right frequency for sending a press release. So how often should companies send out press releases? We can answer for you!

Whether for an SME, a start-up, a large corporation or an NGO, building a relationship and staying in touch with journalists are very important. While communicating with journalists through press releases, adjusting the frequency plays a critical role. It is not the right strategy to annoy and spam the journalist, nor to make contact too few times to make the journalist forget about the brand. In order to build a good and healthy relationship with the media, it is necessary to know the journalists and the dynamics of their interests well, and not to ignore newsworthiness.

Five tips for adjusting the frequency of sending press releases

Here are some tips to guide you for effective media relations.

  • Don't spam journalists with press releases
  • Pay attention to newsworthiness
  • Determine the targeted journalists, editors and media
  • Adjust the timing
  • Get support from professionals


1. Don’t spam journalists with press releases

Every day, journalists receive and review hundreds of press releases. Within this busy schedule, sending press releases frequently about the same brand can annoy journalists and make them ignore the source. In order to avoid such situations that may damage the relationship with the journalists, planning the frequency and the number of press releases to distribute on monthly or annually is crucial. Sending press releases regularly according to newsworthiness and the agenda will not annoy journalists and will increase its chance of being taken into consideration. It is a better strategy to send press releases that refer to similar topics one week apart rather than a daily basis. On the other hand, there may be some periods when pressing releases that are similar needs to be sent consecutively due to the agenda or the importance.

2. Pay attention to a newsworthiness

Writing a press release following a certain set of rules and news values is required to attract the attention of journalists who are exposed to hundreds of press releases every day. At this point, the approach that should be avoided is to share all the minor developments of a brand regardless of the news value in order to be in contact frequently with the journalist. In order to build a healthy and good relationship with the journalist, it is necessary to send press releases that include remarkable and up-to-date information instead of sending at every opportunity,

3. Determine the targeted journalists, editors and media

Journalists notice and use the press releases that are in their field of interest. Because of this, the subject of the press release and the media channels that it will be distributed must be compatible. It is essential to send a press release that covers evaluations and predictions about a country's economy to economy editors, journalists or magazines. In this way, the efficiency of the press release increases and it directly reaches the target audience. Journalists who receive press releases related to their area of interest will perceive that you know them and will be interested in your future distributions. They may even follow the latest developments in your company and may ask for your opinion when it is necessary.

4. Carefully decide the timing before distribution

Press releases must be distributed at the right time for journalists and publications to get media coverage and reach maximum efficiency and audience. Paying attention to this and sticking to deadlines are also very important for building a healthy and stronger relationship with journalists. Press releases should be distributed before the start of the publishing process for a print media. The same goes for online news sites as the press releases that get distributed in the morning are more likely to reach large audiences and be among the most-read headlines of that day.

5. Get support from professionals

Press releases, which are the most effective tools for communicating with journalists, can lead to negative perceptions in the press and make it difficult to reach the target audience if they are not written in accordance with a certain set of rules and not following a correct strategy during the distribution process. In order to maintain a sustainable relationship with the members of the media, the press release should be written considering the news value, sent to the most appropriate journalists and channels at the right time, and the frequency of distribution should be well planned. At this point, it is important to get support from professionals, to follow a correct communication strategy, to get maximum efficiency from press releases and to strengthen brand image and reputation.

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Localization Capabilities
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Detailed Reporting
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Strong Distribution Network
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Brand Awareness
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