What is digital PR?

Digital PR is an online public relations strategy used for increasing online presence, reputation and image by building a bridge between brands and the media.

As technological developments are getting involved in all areas of our lives, communication tools are rapidly adopting. Many innovations that have emerged with the Internet make it compulsory for communication activities to evolve into a digital dimension. Public relations activities that build a bridge between the brand and the target audience are turning their direction to the strategies within the scope of digital PR. So, what is ‘digital PR’?

Digital PR is a public relations strategy used to increase brand awareness and online presence by using digital communication tools and practices. While being very similar in many ways with traditional PR, digital PR offers an opportunity to reach a wider audience with online methods. Based on internet-based strategies such as SEO, content marketing and social media, digital PR enables the use of online platforms and channels such as blogs, forums and news sites for public relations activities.

What services does a digital PR agency offer?

Digital PR is a powerful communication method that can increase a brand's online reputation. Today, news sites on the internet are read more than newspapers and magazines. Digital media appeals and reaches large audiences. Brands can offer their products and services to their target audience with digital PR. Supported by well-planned SEO strategies, digital PR focuses on online media channels and bringing maximum benefit to brands.

Digital PR overshadows traditional PR

Traditional PR aims to create a network with journalists to get coverage in television, radio and print publications. While the aim of a person specialized in traditional PR was to include a brand’s name in print and visual media, they are now focusing on digital PR strategies.

Thanks to the increase in internet usage and the variety of online media channels, there are now many ways for a brand to communicate with their target audience. Digital PR includes a wide range of marketing opportunities, such as conducting interviews with online channels, boosting online presence, increasing brand awareness and using the interactive power of social media.

What is the importance of creating an effective digital PR strategy?

Fundamentally, traditional and digital PR share a common goal; improving the reputation of brands and increasing their visibility among the target audience. Although both methods are used to make a brand more visible, the main difference between them is the methods used to achieve this goal.

Digital PR aims to create a brand value using digital communication tools. It can be tough to create a strong brand reputation in a digital age where lots of rivals born constantly, but there is a wide range of methods to boost visibility and stay competitive. In order to differ from rivals and appear on online channels in the market, a well determined and planned brand strategy is essential.

10 advantages of digital PR:

  • Practical and measurable success
  • Cost-effective
  • Creates sales opportunities
  • Helps to track rivals
  • Allows precise targeting
  • Improves SEO rankings
  • Strengthens brand image and reputation
  • Contributes to online crisis management
  • Offers greater engagement
  • Contents stay permanently on the internet


Importance of press release distribution in digital PR

Press releases are an effective communication tool for brands to reach their target audience. Getting widespread media coverage on online channels helps brands create awareness. Online channels play an essential role for brands in reaching to masses. Thanks to the internet’s capability of instant transfer of information, press releases can be distributed and shared with the whole world instantly. Providing a great advantage to brands by increasing their rankings in search engines and online channels, press releases help brands establish effective communication strategies.

Does digital PR contribute to SEO?

Digital PR continuously improves the image and reputation of brands with getting coverage on online media channels with SEO friendly press releases. Appearing on online channels helps to build brand value and awareness. Offering an alternative to long-term contracts, online press releases have a dynamic and cost-effective structure.

Visibility in search engines is also an important factor. Brands that strive to rank first in search engines have to make use of digital PR activities. Written in accordance with SEO algorithms, online press releases increase visibility. Press releases distributed online can be reached even after years. The power of online platforms becomes more prominent in the distribution stage.

Key points to consider in digital PR services

  • Content development, writing, distribution and reporting processes of a press release should be carried out by PR professionals.
  • The impact of search engines and social media should not be ignored. Press releases must be written in accordance with SEO algorithms and supported with social media strategies.
  • Channels that cover press releases must be traceable for getting feedbacks from the target audience.
  • Online channels must be selected in accordance with the brand, target audience and message in terms of image and reputation.


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Content for Impact
Content for Impact
Press release content is created by a team of experts with knowledge about the targeted countries’ local dynamics and by considering newsworthiness. The contents are also checked by senior editors.
Localization Capabilities
Localization Capabilities
Arabic, Chinese or Russian? We got you covered! B2Press online PR agency creates press release content in the languages of the targeted countries. Colloquial expressions, terms and idioms are incorporated by translators.
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
B2Press provides weekly and monthly reports following distribution of the press release so that you can measure its impact. Advanced search in local search engines provides helpful insights and data for your next press release.
Strong Distribution Network
Strong Distribution Network
Press releases are serviced to lists of journalists, segmented according to their interests as well as through news agencies in the targeted countries.
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
And these are not all when it comes to digital PR services. International press release distribution also enables you to reach your target audience, investors and prospective customers. Are you ready to make your mark with your brand through 60 news agencies and 300 thousand journalists in over 20 countries?
Economical Solution
Economical Solution
Online PR agency B2Press provides all the services you have come to expect from traditional PR agencies with a “pay as you go” pricing structure that eliminates monthly retainers. B2Press offers an end-to-end solution by managing the press release copy writing, distribution and reporting processes.
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