What is an Online PR Agency?

PR agencies enable communicating the products and services produced by brands, as well as innovative ideas and activities to the target audience through online or print media, investigating their impact and developing new strategies. As part of digital communications and media communications, PR agencies work toward building the reputation of brands in the community and strengthen the brand awareness and image.

Online PR agencies, which emerged with the transformation of conventional PR agencies, were born as an important competitor with their dynamic structures against cumbersome traditional organizations. Online PR agencies, which act with the “pay as you go” approach, save businesses from long-term binding contracts and significant huge financial burden. B2Press, which provides services such as preparing and distributing press releases, and reporting their online and print media coverage, is Turkey’s first online PR agency. Online PR agencies, as new generation PR executors in today's world where ordinary approaches are no longer relevant, bring institutions and organizations to their target audiences with creative ideas. Public relations, or PR in short, relieve the financial burden of monthly bills and become companions that companies consult when needed for digital marketing, which allows quick action and generating original content.

What is not an online PR Agency?

As has been the case with every industry, the impact of digital transformation is also felt in public relations. Traditional structures that cannot keep up with the digital world lose their relevance in the face of digital services. With lower costs and expenses, services are offered at much more affordable rates in online media. But this also brings some issues. The fact that the services offered online are cheaper than traditional methods is not because of the difference in the quality of the work but rather due to the decrease of costs in the production phase. Online PR comes to the forefront as the smartest way to procure more services at more affordable rates in media communications. 

What Does an Online PR Agency Do?

The online PR agency has a dynamic, user-friendly and cost-saving structure, offering all the services of PR agencies online. The online PR agency improves brand image by building a bridge between the media communications service and the online and print media. The agency follows the opportunities on your behalf, enabling you to be featured in the most suitable mediums for your audience. It also helps you to reach the consumer through special news features by maintaining constant contact with newspapers and magazines. With an experienced team, it drafts press release copies and works toward achieving maximum benefit. Online PR agencies follow members of the press and publications closely and send the press releases to segmented lists of journalists. Thanks to their broad customer portfolios, these agencies also distribute press releases via partnering news agencies. 

Digital PR agencies value the importance of quality over coverage figures. They support your search engine optimization efforts by including SEO keywords in the content they generate. These agencies develop strategies by conducting analyses through advanced reporting systems and prepare coverage reports with charts and graphics in order to facilitate the company’s understanding. Online PR agencies, which place customer relations at the core, prioritize newsworthy topics and ideas of companies over their budgets. Special news features and interview requests are organized in a manner to bring maximum benefit to the company.

What to Look for When Choosing an Online PR Agency

You need to pay particular attention to a number of aspects when choosing your online PR agency. The first is the expertise of the agency. The number of people employed, and the level of their skills give you an understanding about the quality of work to be carried out ahead of time. The experience and knowhow of people who join online PR agencies after working for conventional PR agencies for many years add value to your business. Experienced PR professionals have the knowledge and skills to implement monitoring tools for real-time tracking of public relations activities. The online PR agency will come to you with fresh ideas, new approaches and recommendations. A good public relations agency considers ideas and offers opinions about which would or would not work in reaching your target audience. It assists you in exploring new ideas, practices and approaches to help you identify the best strategic plans for leverage. Before deciding on which online PR agency you wish to work with, make sure that you have found an experienced team with fresh ideas.

You should also ensure that the PR agency, which will function as part of your company from the outside, consists of accommodating people open to teamwork. Another factor to consider is references. An agency in an emerging line of business that has worked with several companies is quite promising for the future.

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