Sending press releases

A press release is an effective means of communication to improve an organization or institution’s image and reputation, and build on its existing perception. Press releases are frequently used by the public relations professionals and a key communication activity to get your message across to the media and your target audience.

A press release goes through three stages; writing the release copy, distributing the press release, and reporting coverage. In order to ensure that the press release is successful, each of these stages should be carefully planned and executed.

The first stage where content is written by experienced editors or copywriters is followed by second step, called press release sending or distribution process that involves sending it to editors and reporters. It should be noted that no matter how well and carefully the content is written and constructed, a small mistake while sending the press release can undermine its impact. To make sure that the time, labor and money spent does not go to waste, each stage must be handled with maximum care and diligence. ​

Localizing the press release is essential in distribution

There are some important points to consider before going on to the last stage; global press release distribution. First of all, the content should be localized according to the each target country or region to maximize the reach of a press release. Press releases must be translated to the local language to get more attention and reach more audience. One other essential point is to work with a PR agency that has a strong distribution network. A PR agency that can reach to more media outlets and contacts can offer more visibility in media. Moreover, getting visibility in the social media channels will contribute to overall PR coverage.

Globally, B2Press works with the most significant news agencies and the most popular news sites. With its powerful press release distribution service, B2Press can easily reach to more than 300,000 journalists and 10,000 publications in more than 20 countries in the world.

B2Press | Global Press Release Distribution Services

  • Writing SEO-friendly newsworthy press release
  • Attaching an image to the press release
  • Translating and localizing the content of the press release in each country according to Google’s algorithm
  • Preparing media lists according to the segmented industry
  • Distributing to press via major news agencies
  • Reporting and analyzing online media coverage

Points to consider when sending a press release

1A press release should have newsworthy content for the media to consider it for publishing. Sending it to the relevant editors and reporters is equally important. Sending a press release about a senior appointment in the company to a journalist who specializes in health news would not only be irrelevant but also lead to an unfavorable perception about the organization or institution.
2When sending press releases, the only focus should not be print media, and in addition to newspapers and magazines, they should also be distributed to online news sites and blogs. It should be noted that online channels feature 33 times more news content than print media.
3The headline should not be all caps to draw attention, and words like “attention” and “important” should be avoided. You should also keep in mind that press releases with “trap” headlines are not considered newsworthy and undermine your credibility with the editors and reporters.
4When sending the press release, distribution date should be provided and contact information should be included in case the reporter needs further information.
5When sending the press release, copy (Word or another text file) and images (jpg, etc.) in acceptable resolution and maximum 1 Mb in size should be attached to the message.

What are the benefits of working with online PR agency B2Press for sending press releases?

Impactful Content
Impactful Content
B2Press offers end-to-end solutions that include all stages of press release distribution. The contents are created and improved by a team of experts, who consider newsworthiness. After the editors check the prepared content, the press release is distributed.
SEO-Compatible Copy
SEO-Compatible Copy
Are websites the right address to reach your target audience? With SEO-compatible press releases prepared with your keywords, you can improve your visibility in search engines. Such press releases will increase your chance of being seen by potential customers and those searching for you.
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
Reporting services help you to measure the impact of your press release. Following the distribution of the press release, we report its coverage by online and print media three times; daily, monthly and quarterly. The detailed reports, supported by graphs and charts, provide you with insights for your next press releases.
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
Who are aware of your brand? You can engage your target audience, potential customers and investors with press releases. Demonstrate that you have a say in your domain by preparing powerful press releases!
Online Visibility
Online Visibility
Press release distribution service allows you to inform your target audience about developments and also engage potential customers. You are just a click away from connecting with thirty thousand editors, reporters and news agencies.
Economic Solution
Economic Solution
Online PR agency B2Press offers you cost advantage by delivering the services of traditional PR agencies in a package. B2Press combines press release copy writing, distribution and reporting in one single process, and distributes your press releases in more than 20 countries alongside Turkey. No need to pay monthly retainers! Pay as you go, use when needed, and leverage the benefits of digital PR services!
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