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Just like in the rest of the world, news agencies still maintain their importance of being the resource of the news in Turkey. At present, there are three news agencies in Turkey: The first one (Anadolu Ajansı-AA) is owned and run by the government whereas the others (İhlas Haber Ajansı-İHA and Demirören Haber Ajansı-DHA) are privately-owned. İHA is currently the biggest news agency in Turkey. It can reach approximately 95% of all the Turkish media with local, national and online news. B2Press can help you for sending press releases to media via İHA and DHA.


General information

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 Capital City: Ankara


 Official Language: Turkish


 Population: 83 Million



Although many companies offer large media database and press lists, sending e-mails to Turkish journalists is not a good solution to get news coverage in Turkey. This is why working with an online PR agency is the key to success. It provides you a good newsworthy content with a local touch while helping you wire it through a news agency.

Please beware of some important statistics about the Turkish audience! Turkey has a very young population that lives "connected" almost 24/7 and only 6% of the population uses the printed media as the source of information. 44% follow the news from online sources and this number increases day by day! B2Press advises you to focus on online coverage in Turkey, which is also SEO-friendly.

B2Press leading the online PR market in Turkey

B2Press is the first online PR agency in Turkey and it keeps a pulse of the online media and the news agencies. Thanks to our content and PR experts, we have been writing press releases, sending them to target audiences and news agencies with our exceptional press release distribution service, monitoring the media and preparing comprehensive reports with the use of our depth reporting services. We have been tracking the impacts in the international press and social media. We have been helping brands boost their visibility by providing an array of solutions and suggestions.

Press release distribution is the most effective way to implement the critical steps of communication, such as increasing brand awareness, building image and reputation. Europe's first and the only online PR agency, B2Press enables you to reach your target audience in Turkey with its exceptional service in writing, distribution and reporting stages of a press release.

Digital News Report, published by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in 2019, provides striking data about the Turkish media. The report examines the change in the sources used to access news in Turkey over the last 4 years and finds that 87% of the citizens prefer online media. Online media is followed by TV channels with a rate of 74%. Even though print newspapers continue to be well-read, the usage is declining. On the other hand, social media is used by 59% of the citizens for reaching news, which is very popular, especially among young people in Turkey. According to the report, 60% of the population share news via social media, messages or email and 45% make comments on the news. In Turkey, Fox TV is the most highly rated news source for trust, followed by NTV News and CNN Turk, respectively. 

Dynamics of the Turkish Media

The usage of desktop computers for accessing news in Turkey has decreased from 65% to 52% in the last four years, while smartphones have increased from 57% to 71%. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, not only in news media but also in sports, literature, science and learning English. Although the urban-based population widely uses online news sites, television remains the most important source of news across Turkey as a whole. Although print publications have declined slightly by 4% over the last few years, they continue to be well-read by international standards. Smartphones are the most important device used to access online news.

Send Press Release to Turkey via B2Press

Online PR Agency B2Press, which has been operating with its expert team since 2016, develops successful PR strategies and aims to strengthen the image and reputation of individuals, institutions and organizations. Press releases that will create the desired attitude and behaviour change in the target audience are offered to the service with the “pay-as-you-go” system. So how does B2Press work?

  • The writing, distribution and reporting processes of your press release are carried out by B2Press' expert team within the framework of the brief received.
  • Your content, which is adapted to SEO with keywords, is distributed to the press through segmented media lists and news agencies.
  • While the media coverage of your press release is carefully monitored, the data that can guide future distributions are collected.
  • Working with the team of experts on content development that focuses on newsworthiness, B2Press distributes press releases in Turkish via Turkey's official news agency, IHA.
  • Unlike traditional PR agencies, B2Press offers cost-advantage with its unique “pay-as-you-go” business model. 
  • After the distribution of the press release, your coverage in online and written media is examined by measuring your performance with detailed daily, weekly and monthly media reports.





Points to consider when distributing a press release

1Sending a press release to all the editors and reporters out there doesn’t necessarily mean it will get wide coverage. The press release should actually be sent to the relevant editors and reporters. Sending a press release about a medical discovery to a journalist known for writing in the automotive section would not create any benefit and in fact hurt the brand’s credibility in the eyes of the journalist. If you keep sending press releases in this manner, the recipient would see them as irrelevant or unimportant and just delete them or mark you as spam.
2When distributing a press release, the subject line should not be all caps to draw attention and words like “attention” and “important” should not be used. You should take care not to use headlines to trap the editors and reporters, and avoid clickbait subject lines.
3When sending the press release, distribution date should be provided and contact information should be definitely included at the end for those that may need to ask questions and get information.
4The organization’s boilerplate or brief information about the individual mentioned in the text should be added to the end of the press release.
5Another point to consider is the selection of mediums for distribution. Press releases should not be sent only to print media, and in addition to newspapers and magazines, they should also be distributed to online news sites and blogs. Please keep in mind that online channels feature 33 times more news content than print media, and that diverse medium should be used to reach your target audience.
6In distribution, press release copy (word file) and images (jpg, etc.) in acceptable resolution and maximum 1 Mb in size should be attached to the message.

What are the benefits of working with
online PR agency B2Press for press release distribution?

Impactful Content
Impactful Content
B2Press offers end-to-end solutions that include all stages of press release distribution. The contents are created and improved by a team of experts, who consider newsworthiness. After the editors check the prepared content, the press release is distributed.
SEO Friendly Content
SEO Friendly Content
Are websites the right address to reach your target audience? With SEO-compatible press releases prepared with your keywords, you can improve your visibility in search engines. Such press releases will increase your chance of being seen by potential customers and those searching for you.
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
Reporting services help you to measure the impact of your press release. Following the distribution of the press release, we report its coverage by online and print media three times; daily, monthly and quarterly. The detailed reports, supported by graphs and charts, provide you with insights for your next press releases.
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
Who are aware of your brand? You can engage your target audience, potential customers and investors with press releases. Demonstrate that you have a say in your domain by preparing powerful press releases!
Online Visibility
Online Visibility
Press release distribution service allows you to inform your target audience about developments and also engage potential customers. You are just a click away from connecting with thirty thousand editors, reporters, and news agencies.
Economic Solution
Economic Solution
Online PR agency B2Press offers you cost advantage by delivering the services of traditional PR agencies in a package. B2Press combines press release copywriting, distribution and reporting in one single process, and distributes your press releases in more than 20 countries. No need to pay monthly retainers! Pay as you go, use when needed, and leverage the benefits of digital PR services!
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