“After the pandemic, the world's sneaker manufacturing factory could be Turkey”

“After the pandemic, the world's sneaker manufacturing factory could be Turkey”
28 July 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic has reduced the production capacity of global sports brands to 25% worldwide. While the economic recession in the Far East has brought Turkey one step forward, Turkey has the potential to become the world's new production factory, especially at the point of sneaker production.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), many sectors around the world have struggled with economic turmoil. One of them was the shoe industry. While there were disruptions especially in the supply of sports shoes, there was a supply-demand imbalance in trade. The fact that countries close their borders and focus on domestic trade due to the pandemic was among the main factors that triggered this situation.

“Sports brands have reduced their production power to a quarter”

Stating that global sports brands are affected greatly by the coronavirus, Sercan Köse, founder of BATU Sports Equipment, one of the most important companies in the sneaker sector in Turkey said, “While the production of masks and gloves outweighs the pandemic period, the production points of global brands are also affected by 80% because they are in these countries. Just like the auto sector, sports brands are seeing their production fall by up to 25%.”

Emphasizing that although some brands are very large, they have been left adrift because they have suffered damage in a market like Turkey, Sercan Köse said, “This situation can be affected in a positive way with the right touches. If we can not prevent the negative events that hit the sector, such as fake shoes or textile products, it is possible that a worse result will arise in terms of Turkey”

It's time to turn the crisis into an opportunity

Stating that it is time to turn the crisis into an opportunity, Sercan Köse said, “In the shrinking world economy after the global pandemic, in the right markets, if we can deliver on time and ensure the cost of employees, production quality and sustainability in terms of logistics, Turkey can become the world's new production factory.”

Underlining that they export shoes to countries such as China and Hong Hong, which are known as the center of shoe production in the world, BATU Sports Equipment founder Sercan Köse said, “If we take the sports brands as basis, we sell 100-150 thousand products annually. Our exports to Spain, Italy, France, Venezuela and Turkmenistan continue. As BATU Sports Equipment not only in Turkey, both also we are a company located in Hong Kong and offices in the UK. We ship products close to that country, wherever our customers are. In certain circles in Turkey have reached more than 200 points so far, our success would bring more completely.”

Imports and exports contracted

According to Turkish Statistical Institute’s data, Turkey's sneaker exports in the first 5 months of 2020, compared to the same period of the previous year 44% contraction with 6,800,281 dollars, while imports were 25% contraction with 20,798,855 dollars. During this period of 2020, the most exports were to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the United Kingdom. The most imports were made from Vietnam, which is counted as one of the shoe manufacturing centers of the world with 10,352,223 dollars. Vietnam was followed by Indonesia with 5,462,619 dollars and China with 3,975,857 dollars.

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