Millennials want to change office space after the pandemic

Millennials want to change office space after the pandemic
17 July 2020

Plazas and large offices, which have been praised and emulated until recently, are replaced by more libertarian workplaces. Entrepreneurs and the millennials formed voltran for transformation, while hybrid offices are knocking on the door of the business world.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - COVID-19, which is among the fastest spreading pandemics in human history, is expected to bring radical changes in business life. While the remote workers started to return to their offices in the new period, some of the companies announced that they would prefer to use their physical offices only when necessary. In the new order called "hybrid working model", physical offices are expected to be used only when necessary, such as meetings and training. Indicating that the remote working model, which is obligatory in the pandemic process, has reshaped the needs of both companies and employees, eOfis Co-Founder Özkan Kaliç stated that business patterns and spatial preferences have started to evolve, and new options should be offered to the employee profile and especially Z generation.

“Entrepreneurs and young people don't want to be locked into offices”

Stating that in addition to companies that adopt the space independent or hybrid working model, companies that experience remote work for the first time in the epidemic process have also broken down their productivity bias, Özkan Kılıç said, “In addition, transportation costs and the elimination of time spent on the road created an awareness among everyone. The remote operation model has become quite understandable for teams with a maximum of 15-20 people and can be managed remotely with digital facilities. Fixed office needs of these companies, virtual office rentals can meet. The millennium generation (1980-2000) is a hybrid model in which employees will work remotely on specific days, or the desire to work from different locations on specific days, in larger companies and in particular entrances.”

Özkan Kaliç said, “We see very clearly that the proverb ‘change is as good as a rest’ has found relief in young people. Instead of working in the office 5 days a week, they want to work in different environments at least on certain days. While this is sometimes everyone's own home, sometimes there are places intertwined with nature. Based on this need, we have put into service our new location with large garden in Durusu for companies located in 21 locations in Istanbul.”

“The open air areas we are longing for are included in the business life”

Özkan Kaliç said that the pandemic is not only a new working model but also a new working area. The open areas of the houses have also become a pleasant workplace for those who work from home. In the new normal period, I also turned to open air spaces in office preferences. As eOfis, our main goal is to provide innovative spaces that will increase the efficiency of the sectors and facilitate their integration into the era by considering the changing needs. In this context, we have created an open-air office concept in our new location, Durusu Park, with its wide usage area and green area. Thus, we enable both remote employees, virtual office users and those who adopt the hybrid work model to perform routine meetings, trainings and team work outdoors.”

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