Turkish cyber security firm enters Azerbaijan market

Turkish cyber security firm enters Azerbaijan market
16 July 2020

Berqnet, a Turkish cyber security manufacturer, entered the Azerbaijan market and took its place among the companies exporting in the cyber security sector in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Berqnet, a Turkish cybersecurity products manufacturer, has entered the Azerbaijani market with the vision of becoming a global cybersecurity brand. In February, Berqnet participated in Cyber Week fair with the special invitation of the Ministry of Logistics, Communications and High Technology of Azerbaijan Republic, and announced that it had realized its first export to Azerbaijan market. Berqnet General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu stated that while growing up in Turkey, they gave importance to exports and said that they were proud to develop and sell a critical product such as firewall which is at the forefront of digitalization in Turkey and that Azerbaijan would be a gateway to the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“Azerbaijan market is an important step for us”

Pointing out that exports are important for Turkey to prove its ability in the field of it to the world, Berqnet General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu said, “We are accelerating our efforts towards our goal of becoming a G

global cyber security company. In this context, the Azerbaijani market, which we have entered with our well-established business partners, is an important stage for us. We have confirmed the value given by Azerbaijan's public and private sector to high-tech products developed in Turkey, a factor that increases our market claim.”

“Our export revenues will reach one third of our total turnover”

Stating that the focus of his investments is to acquire business partners and users who rely on the Berqnet brand in many countries, Hintoğlu said, “Berqnet is a proven brand in Turkey. We continue our R&D efforts unabated. Our primary goal in overseas markets is to become an important cybersecurity player in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern European countries, including countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan. In the medium term, we will take our place in major markets on different continents. In the next 5 years, we aim to make up one third of our total turnover from export revenues. Our main goal is to be a global cybersecurity player, to contribute more to our country's economy and technology development ecosystem.”

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