Online schools are getting involved in formal education

Online schools are getting involved in formal education
16 June 2020

While many areas related to social life have been developing in the last 100 years, it has been the basic education systems that have received the least share of the change in the world until today. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed that with the possibilities offered by technology, getting basic education from kindergarten to high school would cease to be a dream without a physically present teacher.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The technology of our age is reshaping the dynamics of many fields. Education methods, which have been one of the areas that has resisted change the most, also benefit from technology. With the increase of technological opportunities, the concept of distance learning is becoming more and more common, and the suspicion of learning without a live teacher disappears. According to KPMG, the fastest growing market in the education sector has been distance learning with a 900% increase since 2000, while K-12 education covering basic education from kindergarten to high school are also rapidly digitalizing. Cody Claver, Managing Director of IS Berne Online, an online school founded by the International Bern School in Switzerland, says that distance learning has become a necessity rather than an alternative, and online schools are preparing to replace the institutions of traditional education.

“The pandemic showed that online basic education is not an alternative”

According to Northeastern University, at least one out of every 3 students from the USA supports their basic education by taking online classes. Stating that online education has become widespread in line with the requirements of the age and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process, Cody Claver said, “The novel coranavirus crisis raises doubts about how 2020 and 2021 academic years will progress. The emerging economic uncertainties raise concerns, especially for many parents in Europe. In this process, online schools are running for the support of both families and students. Thus, while realizing that online learning is necessary to strengthen 21st century skills, online education is positioned not as an alternative but as a necessary aspect of a versatile K-12 education.”

Online school diplomas are accepted worldwide

Stating that K-12 education, which is expressed as basic education, is not very open to innovation, but that parents realize the advantages of online education in terms of both education costs and student efficiency, IS Berne Online General Manager Cody Claver said, “Since 2011, Berne Online has been highly educated and with experienced teachers, we reduce education costs as much as possible and aim to make online K-12 training contemporary and accessible to all. In this context, we provide flexibility in the selection of programs and courses that traditional schools cannot offer. We enable students to be a part of IS Berne Online from all over the world with a strong internet connection and to be trained by learning coaches and counselors in teacher-supported classrooms. We graduate our students who have successfully completed their education with a fully accredited US college diploma that is accepted all over the world.”

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