80 million calls were examined in the pandemic process: We called call centers mostly for online market orders

80 million calls were examined in the pandemic process: We called call centers mostly for online market orders
11 June 2020
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the business line that worked without interruption was the call centers.
  • The minute-based voice and chat traffic of call centers, which provides support in many areas from ordering to tracking, customer relations to complaint management, has increased by 23%.
  • In the research, where 80 million voice and chat traffic was examined, the online market market was the fastest growing sector, followed by public institutions and the cargo sector.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - As in many sectors, call center employees continue to provide uninterrupted service by working with great devotion during the pandemic. According to Turkey Call Center Association's 2019 market data, call centers which employs more than 115 thousand people and a market size of 7.5 billion TL continues to grow.

Examining the change of call traffic before and after COVID-19, Alotech shared the current data in the call center sector over an average of 35 million voice and chat traffic data per month from more than 500 companies.

Number of companies using Chatbot increased 157%

In the research, where AloTech compared the period between January 2020 and April 2020: The minute-based call traffic of the companies increased by 23.4% compared to January. During this period, 60% of companies decreased the number of calls, while 11% temporarily stopped their services. The number of calls of companies increased by 29%. Although the number of calls decreased in 60% of companies, the total number of calls increased by 2.6% in April compared to January. In addition to voice traffic, the number of companies that switched to multi-channel communication technologies by adding written and voice communication channels increased by 157% in April compared to January.

The fastest growing sector is the online marketplace

When the number of calls is analyzed, the fastest growing sector was the online marketplace. The online marketplace increased the number of calls by 422% in April compared to January in both order taking and complaints / status information management processes. While public institutions were in the second rank with an increase in the number of calls, public institutions were cargo / logistics with 94.1%. The furniture sector performed strikingly: Furniture demand became one of the sectors with the most call traffic, with 85.7%.

The number of calls continues to increase in e-commerce

Comparing the retail and e-commerce, the e-commerce sector grew by 61.3% on the basis of companies selling the same products, while retailers remained by 7.3%. In the service sector, the growth in needs of repair / white goods maintenance, combi etc. was 36.9%; The number of calls of the service sector increased by 59.4% regarding technological products.

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