The King Of Fighters Allstar offers great advantages and innovations in its June update

The King Of Fighters Allstar offers great advantages and innovations in its June update
05 June 2020

New features to obtain the powerful Orochi

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ISTANBUL (TR) - THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR, Netmarble's popular mobile action role-playing game (RPG), offers a brand new basic mechanic to players who want to further strengthen their character collection with "Ruby Refund Event".

The limited ‘Ruby Refund’ event offers new players a chance to win up to 30,000 rubies and 40,000 rubies to old players with daily quests, admission and new entry offers, as well as rewarding the amount they have already spent. Rubies that can be earned from this event must be spent in the limited time between June 4 and July 23.

Another innovation coming to THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is the "Strengthening Feature". Players will now be able to strengthen the fighters who have reached Level 90 with the new 'Strengthening' and 'Stamp' materials they have acquired through the recently added 'Stunning Dungeons'. The fighters will be able to use their mighty abilities once they are in power. Moreover, every fighter can achieve increases in value and other benefits with a maximum rating of five powers.

As part of this update, new and old players will have the chance to obtain Orochi from THE KING OF FIGHTERS 97 with a special prize for a limited time until June 30. You can get more details about this award from the THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR official forum page.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR provides players with high-speed fights with enemy waves, gigantic enemies, and rival fighter teams. Excitement comes with cutting-edge graphics, vibrant colors and incredible animations. Moreover, in addition to seasonal events from KOF to all classic fighters from 94 to XIV, there are more than 130 fighters and regular content updates thanks to collaborations with IPs such as TEKKEN 7 and SAMURAI SHOWDOWN.