Employees Want Money Not Freedom!

Employees Want Money Not Freedom!
29 August 2018

The remotely working culture is reshaping the modern workforce. 62% of those who prefer to work remotely, the basic justification for more freedom, 80% of the regular office hours and fixed offices to work until the end of their life and want to reject.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Freedom X Fest, which hosted more than 500 participants from managers of world's leading companies such as NASA and Facebook to investors, was held on the outskirts of the Pyrenees in Spain with the theme of ara freedom NAS. Born in Turkey and offer the possibility to book their co-working space in more than 20 cities Cowork7 / 24 also is sponsoring "Location Independent Labor Movement" (LIM-Location Independence Movement) for the first, which lasted six days, the outdoor festival 50 more than 100 inspirational speeches and more than 100 workshops were held. Speaking at the festival, Serkan Kurtuluş, the Founding Partner of Cowork7 / 24, said, tamamen The location-independent working model has the potential to completely change the society of today and complement the last link of globalization. In addition to the globalized workforce, this flow makes companies truly global. While 39% of the remote employees are rapidly recruited by global companies, 80% of them want to refuse working hours and office environments and want to work this way until the end of their lives. Say

The aim of 62% of those who prefer to work remotely is more freedom.

Describing the co-working areas as ve new universities in cities fikirler, Kurtuluş said, “When developing your competencies in the fields of co-operation, you create new ideas, build new businesses and give life to the local economy. Ortak According to the Remote Work and Digital Nomad Study 2018 “(Remote Study and Digital Immigration Survey) report published by And Co, the reason for 62% of those who chose to work remotely” flexible working hours with more freedom And. 24% of digital nomads travel while working and go to at least 2 countries each year. 33% of the respondents in the report work less than 1 year, 41% have 2-4 years, 13% have 4-6 years and 14% have been working remotely for more than 7 years. 47% of the employees are design and creative, 14% are marketing and communication, 11% are engineering. 

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