Mars Logistics Chairman of the Board Garip Sahillioğlu; ‘We will not fire anyone because the business volume has decreased’

Mars Logistics Chairman of the Board Garip Sahillioğlu; ‘We will not fire anyone because the business volume has decreased’
01 April 2020

In a statement to the employees of Mars Logistics, Chairman Garip Sahillioğlu stated that no Mars employees will lose their jobs due to the decrease in business volume due to the Coronavirus pandemic. “We are going through a difficult process, but as Mars Logistics we are a big family and we will get through these difficult days in a family spirit” Sahillioglu said.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Garip Sahillioğlu, Chairman of Mars Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, made remarks about the pandemic process. Stating that they took the necessary precautions for the safety of the customers and third parties, Mars Logistics employees and their families due to the coronavirus epidemic, Garip Sahillioğlu said, “Thanks to our Business Continuity Plan and the technological investments we have made so far, we have switched to the remote working model on March 12 in our eligible units. In order to sustain daily life, it is imperative that the logistics industry continue its work. For this reason, we have also taken measures for our field employees for the sustainability of the works. We have created a working environment suitable for social distance conditions and we frequently carry out disinfectant work in all our trucks, warehouses and offices.”

Stating that currently there are difficulties in road transportation due to the restrictions applied by countries, Sahillioğlu stated that they continue their operations by offering alternative transportation models to their customers.

‘Employess will be our priority”

Garip Sahillioğlu pointed out that the logistics sector is already negatively affected by the process, but will reveal a deferred business potential, and said that the current priority is to protect employment. Sahillioğlu informed the employees by saying “We have accomplished important works with our valuable colleagues for 30 years. We have had national and global crises as well as achievements. However, as Mars Logistics, we have never used the crisis as an excuse, did not escape responsibility and did not shrink on the employment side. In this process, as before, you will be our focus. This pandemic, which we do not know how long it will last, will have negative effects on our works. However, I can say that no Mars employee will lose his job because of the decrease in our business volume due to the coronavirus process.”

About Mars Logistics:

Founded in 1989, Mars Logistics operates as a group company that offers all logistics services. Offering international road, airline, maritime and railway transportation services, Mars Logistics offers an integrated system to its customers by providing services in project transportation, intermodal transportation, fair and event logistics, storage, customs management and insurance. Mars, which has its headquarters in Istanbul and has branches at home and abroad, provides smart solutions to its customers with bonded and duty-free storage services in an indoor and outdoor area of ​​approximately 163 thousand m². Mars Logistics develops special solutions on sector basis for many sectors such as automotive and textile, chemistry, health, cosmetics, energy, retail. Mars has one of Turkey's youngest and largest fleets Logistics with 2,650-vehicle fleet in Europe, North Africa, the Balkans and the Turkic Republics gives road transport services. Mars Air and Sea Cargo, which is the founding member of WIN, reaches all countries of the world and offers a professional system in airline & seaway transportation. Turkey's largest 250 companies located between Mars in Turkey with GRI sustainability report published last certified A + level has managed to become one of the top 10 companies. Mars Logistics, which continues to grow by making a difference in the logistics sector with its more than 1500 employees, offers an environmental and sustainable service model with its Intermodal Transport System. Targeting continuous development and change in the sector, Mars focuses on supporting education, especially in corporate social responsibility projects.