E-export was discussed in Eskişehir

E-export was discussed in Eskişehir
21 February 2020

At the Central Anatolia E-Export Conference, e-export was discussed at length!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - WORLDEF conference organized by the e-exports in order to increase export awareness in the e-series continued in Eskisehir, Turkey. At the conference, e-export was handled at length. E-export professionals shared their experiences with the business community of the region.

Anadolu University and Eskişehir Chamber of Industry; Governor of Eskişehir Özdemir Çakacak, Vice Rector of Anadolu University. Dr. Ali Savaş Koparal, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Celalettin Kesikbaş, Vice President of WORLDEF Çağdaş Yeşilbağ and business circles from Eskişehir and neighboring provinces participated in the conference organized on Thursday, 20 February at Eskişehir Anadolu University Atatürk Cultural Center under the auspices of Eskişehir Governorship, in cooperation with WORLDEF.

Yeşilbağ: Only courage and right decision is needed for e-export

WORLDEF Vice President Yeşilbağlar, in his opening speech, Turkey is a regional and global e-commerce center, said that the vision of making the move. "We offer e-export roadmap to companies or individuals who receive training and consultancy services related to e-export at WORLDEF." Yeşilbağ said that almost all of the initial investment costs of those who want to e-export are covered by the state; He emphasized that it takes only courage, right decision and initiative to do e-export.

Stating that retail e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to be 4.5 trillion dollars in 2020, Yeşilbağ said, “In 2020, the e-export market is expected to reach or exceed 1 trillion dollars. We have to ensure that our SMEs and companies are rapidly integrated into the digital transformation process to increase the added value and competitiveness of our country's economy. In order to keep up with the digital change, it must take the right steps; we have to start from the right place. We hope that Eskişehir, which we know with its industry, industrialists, strategic position and hardworking people, will take the lead in e-export in Central Anatolia.”

Özdemir: Eskişehir cannot stay out of e-commerce

Speaking at the program, Governor Özdemir Çakacak said that digital transformation has gained speed in every sector. Emphasizing that the most change in digital media is experienced in trade, Çakacak said that shopping in the world shifts to e-commerce; He explained that the trade took on a new face. The majority of large companies in the world in terms of turnover is made with export e-commerce and e-Age Governor stressed that Turkey's made an analysis of the current situation, he said that I need to take appropriate steps to a new trade. Eskişehir is the locomotive in development; Stating that the share of exports and e-exports should be increased in the city, Çakacak said, “As Eskişehir, we have to prioritize this awareness in our region. Digitization is increasing at an awful pace. The private sector that cannot reach this speed will disappear. As Eskişehir, we cannot stay outside e-commerce.”

Vice Rector. Dr. Koparal, on the other hand, pointed to the importance of digitalization in the changing world. Touching on digitalization activities as a university, Koparal thanked those who contributed to the conference, which will introduce its production potential to the outside.

From Kesikbaş to college students: Be the starts of Turkey's e-export!

Celalettin Kesikbaş, Chairman of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, said that they focus on education, export and production as a chamber. Stressing that Eskişehir's exports are constantly growing and starting to yield current surplus, Kesikbaş pointed out that the producers need young generations with high potential. it is necessary to complete the sub-breakdown of this. E-export has the potential to carry university youth to the future. It does not end with putting products on e-commerce sites. It doesn't succeed unless we put our creative intelligence on sites. ” He spoke in the form. Kesikbaş, university students, "Turkey's exports Be the first e-stars!" she called out.

E-export professionals shared their experiences

At the conference; Strategic information was given to manufacturers in Eskişehir, leading company managers in the region and those who want to export electronics. E-export experts made presentations on trending applications in the ecosystem, practical e-export solutions and e-export government incentives. Representatives of famous brands shared their experiences at the conference where a wide range of information will be shared, from online payment systems to e-export software technologies, from logistics to localization, from stock management to sales in global marketplaces. The conference, where subject matter experts from sponsors made presentations, also included a panel on success stories in e-export.


The Central Anatolia E-Export Conference was organized under the leadership of Eskişehir Governorship, in cooperation with WORLDEF, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and Anadolu University. The main sponsor of the Turkey Business Bank and other sponsors of the conference include the T-Soft's take UPS, and takes place protranslat n11.co. Inter Patent, Keynes Consulting, Pixa, LBP and Ticketsetup also supported the conference, which is the media sponsor of TRT Haber and TRT World.


WORLDEF organizes e-export conferences that offer great opportunities to companies and businesses to develop international collaborations. WORLDEF, which has taken the pulse of the e-export ecosystem since 2017, provides e-export training and consultancy services for companies and companies of different sizes. In addition, sectoral meetings are organized to increase the awareness of e-export in Turkey.