National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Preliminary Report

National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Preliminary Report
21 January 2020

The “National Artificial Intelligence Strategy preliminary report”, prepared in 10 headings, was published in order to be a guiding resource in the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in Turkey. The report outlined step-by-step suggestions on the use of artificial intelligence in many sectors, from education to public institutions, from industry to law.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Since 1950, artificial intelligence, which has been the subject of many academic researches around the world, has become an important actor in daily life by getting out of theory. Artificial intelligence continues to be used in a wide range from disease diagnosis, financial decisions, recruitment processes to urbanism. In Turkey studies are underway for the expansion of the production and use of artificial intelligence technology. The "National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Preliminary Report" prepared by the Artificial Intelligence Research Initiative and Door Teknoloji, the effect of artificial intelligence on education, legal preparations, competence of public officials, the impact on the world of labour, change in professions and sectors, the relationship between human and artificial intelligence, economy and development, human rights Includes roadmap in many different areas such as ethics and law, general AI and citizenship income.

“Artificial intelligence is today's technology, not the future”

In Turkey, indicating that the dominant common discourse that it is the technology of the future of artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence Research Initiative spokesman and Door Technology founder of the Ozan Demir said “The nearly 40 countries in the world to have a national strategy for Turkey's National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Preliminary Report on was the main starting point in our preparation. Our goal was to have a national action plan for our country on artificial intelligence, where tens of states, including Kenya, were working with great interest. In the report, we have elaborated in all the details that artificial intelligence is no longer the technology of the future, it is widely used today and how we should adapt quickly to economic development for economic development. We believe that instead of the scattered work of our country dynamics, they should prepare for advanced technology as a whole within the framework of the national strategy. At this point, the report we have prepared is an important guide for artificial intelligence to be a part of life in almost every sector.”

"Artificial intelligence can be the driving force of economic development"

Stating that the development speed of technology should be taken into consideration in the planning of artificial intelligence strategies and implementation steps, Ozan Demir said, “Steps that do not reach this speed, cannot meet or see the speed cause it to deviate from the targeted purpose. If national plans suitable for the speed of development and use of artificial intelligence are put into practice, we can find solutions to many problems and answer our questions. For example, with a national strategy, the new dynamics of the economy and development can be artificial intelligence. Or we can realize our idea of ​​being among the 10 major economies that have been the main target of our country for years by producing artificial intelligence technologies. ”

“Action should be taken for the national artificial intelligence strategy”

Ozan Demir stated that developed countries are better prepared for artificial intelligence technology and continue their studies rapidly; “The preliminary stages are very important for the national AI strategy. Therefore, we supported the strategy we prepared with three phases. These; preparation phase is the trial phase and starts phase. During the preparatory phase, educators, students and the business world should be prepared for artificial intelligence according to their level through education. The national AI strategy needs to be supported by a national education plan that covers the world of business and education. During the trial phase, it should be tested whether the training outcomes and the skills gained have been transformed into talent, whether the start-up phase has been achieved for the national AI strategy. It must be understood whether the quality of human resources competes with the world. Finally, in the start-up phase, the national artificial intelligence strategy should be started in line with the targets set and the action should be taken to get a share from the artificial intelligence economy. ”