Ak Gıda returned with an award from the “Altın Örümcek”

Ak Gıda returned with an award from the “Altın Örümcek”
08 November 2019

The 17th Altın Örümcek Ödülleri were held this year. Turkey's largest dairy producer and the owner of İçim brand, Ak Gıda was awarded “Best Web Sites” in the “Food & Beverage” category with its renewed website.

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“Altın Örümcek Web Ödülleri” where successful projects realized using web and internet technologies were evaluated, were presented to the winners at the Grand Pera Emek Sahnesi on Wednesday, November 6. This year, 1,469 projects in 28 categories; As a result of the evaluation of 29 jury members consisting of the leading names of informatics, marketing, communication, and business world, 245 projects were awarded to the finals. As a result of the evaluation based on criteria such as design, user experience, technical infrastructure, originality and content, the winning projects in each category were announced by jury and public votes.

“In the Internet Oscars” First akgida.com.tr

The Best Web Site Award in the Food & Beverage category at the Altın Örümcek, www.akgida.com.tr, was awarded to Ak Gıda and Pompaa Digital Agency. The corporate website, which was launched live in 2018, facilitates the user experience in terms of both software and design. It stands out with its unique content, successful visual language, user-friendly design, and technical infrastructure. Sinem Esen, Corporate Communications Manager who received the award on behalf of Ak Gıda, said, gören We have been awarded this valuable award which is one of the important success criteria in the fields of digital and corporate communication; I would like to express my gratitude to the Ak Gıda Information Technologies and Human Resources teams as well as the Pompaa Digital Agency for their support during the construction of our website, especially the valuable jury members. Jul

Ak Gıda corporate website; With its convenient, user-friendly interface and mobile-compatible design, it offers visitors a complete experience. The website catches the world standards with its contemporary and modern approach as well as the detailed content it offers about the corporate world of Ak Gıda. Intimate communication is provided using visuals of the company's work environments and employees, such as offices and production facilities. In this sense, the 17th Altın Örümcek Ödülleri received full points from the jury for design, content, originality and technical criteria and won the first place in the Food & Beverage category.