Tap water quality in Turkey is falling steadily!

Tap water quality in Turkey is falling steadily!
31 October 2019

One of the most important issues today is that tap water is not drinkable in cities. B2Press announced that Turkey is among the 187 most dangerous countries in terms of drinkable tap water. As a result, 149 liters of packaged water is consumed per person in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Water resources are rapidly decreasing around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 4 out of 10 people will not have access to water in 2030. Cape Town, the capital of the Republic of South Africa, made history as the first city in the world to consume drinking water in 2018. Water pollution is one of the most important problems in addition to the unconscious use of water resources and its depletion due to droughts. In particular, the decrease in water quality due to the abundance of chemical wastes and pollution caused by human factors causes the water flowing from the faucet to be drunk in many cities of the world. Analyzing data from the US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Online PR Agency B2Press examined tap water quality in 244 countries. According to the study, 187 out of 244 countries had unsafe tap water, while only 57 countries received passing grades. Meanwhile, Turkey ranks in the list of countries that do not have safe tap water.

Developed countries like England, Canada and New Zealand stand out with potable water

Bangladesh, India, China and Indonesia are among the countries with the worst drinking water flowing from the tap. The countries where tap water is the cleanest are England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Finland. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, approximately 840 thousand people die every year due to the dirty water it uses and the diseases it causes. Among the countries that cause the most water pollution in the world are China, the USA, India, Japan and Germany.

149 liters of packaged water per person are consumed in Turkey

The inability to drink tap water around the world is the subject of much research. Compiling the data announced by the Tapp Water platform, B2Press says that in 2018 alone, 600 million households consumed packaged water in the world. This figure is 391 billion liters per year, which means that approximately 1 million packaged water is consumed per minute. The use of plastic water bottles is expected to reach 450 billion liters in 2022. Packaged Water Producers Association also transmits data received from b2press, annual per 68 liters PET and glass in Turkey in 2018, states that the total level of 149 liters including 81-liter carboys. The consumption figures in question correspond to 136 half-liter plastic bottles and four carboy water per person per year.

Turkey is increasingly in the poorer clean amount of water available per person

The amount of clean water per capita in Turkey today is measured as about 1,520 cubic meters. However, the population of Turkey in 2030 100 million people to approach the amount of freshwater per capita is expected to fall to 1,100 cubic meters. The average amount of water available per person per year less than 1,000 m³ countries "water-poor", which was less than 2,000 m³ are "living water scarcity" the water in Turkey as the country is rapidly becoming poor.

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