Masalsı Festival Başladı: 6. Sinemasal Açık Hava Sinema Festivali

Masalsı Festival Başladı: 6. Sinemasal Açık Hava Sinema Festivali
02 October 2018

Fair Festival Festival: 6th Cinematic Open Air Cinema Festival

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema and Sinemasal Culture and Art Association, 6th Cinema Cinema Festival will be held in 1-12 October 2018 in 6 different cities.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Sinemasal, bringing together children from socio-culturally disadvantaged regions with all the colors of art, especially cinema, set out for children living in Marmara and Aegean regions of Eurasian Stage of Cinema Festival. Since 2013 Turkey's 35 different cities in 55 thousand children and parents who contribute through art to the future of Cinematic Culture and Arts Society, Culture and Tourism Ministry and Cinema General Directorate in cooperation with will experience true cinematic experience for the first time in 15 thousand children better lives.

The fairytale festival starting from Tekirdağ on 1 October World Children's Day; Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Kütahya and Uşak programs will be completed on 11-12 October in Denizli. Within the scope of the two-day festival program, where all the activities are offered free of charge in all the cities it goes to, children are allowed to meet many art branches from the open air film screening to painting and puppet workshops, fairy-tale workshops to pantomime and flamenco dance performances.

Festival details can be found on the website

Festival Calendar:

01-02 Ekim 2018 Tekirdag

03-04 Ekim 2018 Canakkale

05-06 Ekim 2018 Balıkesir

07-08 Ekim 2018 Kutahya

09-10 Ekim 2018 Usak

11-12 Ekim 2018 Denizli

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About Sinemasal

It is a social enterprise that introduces all the colors of art, especially cinema, theater and music, and presents them to unforgettable experiences in cinematic, socio-culturally disadvantaged areas. It was founded in 2013 and up to 55 thousand children and their families in 35 different cities in Turkey today, was instrumental in the cultural arts experience to life for the first time in their lives. The Open Air Cinema Festival concept, which has been organized with the participation of young people from 29 different countries since 2013, has been selected by the EU as the Most Extensive Youth Project. Harvard University and MIT Media Lab named him one of the inspiring social initiatives of the Middle East and was named a Generational Ambassador in Boston. Since 2013 ongoing trials in Turkey in 2017 in Peru (Lima), South Africa (Cape Town) and the Philippines (Manila) won an international dimension with the opening of the office. Sinemasal, which aims to bring all the children of the world together with art through an international structure like UNESCO and UNICEF since the day it was founded, launched its candidacy process in Brussels in October 2017 to become an affiliated institution of the United Nations.