Drivers with a bad driving record are offered 7 times less traffic insurance

Drivers with a bad driving record are offered 7 times less traffic insurance
28 August 2019

Drivers with a bad driving record are charged up to 400% more for traffic insurance. Insurance companies avoid offering insurance to high-risk drivers.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The number of vehicles registered to traffic in Turkey reached 23 million and 100 thousand traffic accidents happen per month. Turkey Insurance Association (TSB), according to insurance companies made 2 billion 539 million TL traffic insurance to pay compensation of 620 thousand 319 people in total for the first half of 2019 property damage accidents. Increases in insurance premiums generally affect drivers, while insurance companies offer fewer offers for vehicles with high damage levels. According to the research of online comparison platform, the number of traffic insurance offers decreases up to 7 times as the damage level increases.

Drivers with a bad driving record pay up to 400% more premiums

All motor vehicles are obliged to make traffic insurance in the traffic tariff between 1 and 7 is applied. Thanks to this application, the driver carries out the risk of traffic in subsequent policy periods to determine the insurance prices are reflected in discounts or hikes. For the first time, the drivers were accepted in the 4th step of the damage. Tek When we examine the traffic insurance offers offered through, the driver rises up to the 7th step and gets a reduction of up to 40%. The drivers involved in the accident are first dropped to the 3rd damage stage and a 50% increase is applied in the traffic insurance policy. If the driver is involved in an accident for 3 years in a row, the damage level is reduced to the 1st level and the policy premium increases up to 400% compared to the 7th level. Insurance companies avoid the use of traffic insurance procedures by considering the risk of accidents for drivers whose level of damage is level 1 or 2. It is for these reasons that the obligatory traffic insurance does not make the victims suffer. The number of proposals given to insurance companies that do not have a history of damage, ie a driver in the 6th and 7th stages of damage, is about 7 times higher than the ones in the 1st and 2nd steps which express a negative history of damage. ”

Traffic insurance for light commercial vehicles is 30% higher than for passenger cars

Onur Tekinturhan stated that light commercial vehicles also create additional costs in traffic insurance and said, “Although the usage is specific, it is obligatory to inspect the light commercial vehicles which are specified as trucks in the license every year. Furthermore, the traffic insurance ceiling prices of these vehicles are approximately 30% higher than the passenger cars, according to While the prices of traffic insurance do not change between the provinces as a basis for cars and vehicles in the same damage level, traffic insurance prices in Istanbul are 5-10% higher compared to other provinces. ”

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