200.000 TL for young entrepreneurs

200.000 TL for young entrepreneurs
19 February 2019

200.000 TL for young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs who are developing solutions in the fields of digitalization and communication are accelerating with KWORKS BiGG program for a grant of 200.000 TL to be given by TUBITAK

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Koç University aims to accelerate the transformation to the benefit of Koç University's vision is compatible with the generated new knowledge society Entrepreneurship Research Center KWORKS, as it was last year in 2019 Individual Young Entrepreneurs (Biggar) Support Program implementing agencies as entrepreneurship in Turkey will continue to support the ecosystem. In the program, young entrepreneurs who have an idea in the fields of digitalization and communication are provided with basic education and mentoring services and business plan and business model development support they will need for access to grant support up to TL 200 thousand. Young entrepreneurs will be able to apply to the program which is completely free by filling the form on the KWORKS BİGG Program website until March 15, 2019.

The doors of the program open to a wide audience from university students to professionals

Students who are going to graduate from any undergraduate program of KWORKS BiGG program within one year can apply to the students who are graduates of master's and doctorate programs and who have received one of the bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees at least 10 years before the application date. In order to be able to apply to the program, it is necessary not to have previously received support from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Techno-Incentive Support or the Phase 2 of the TÜBİTAK 1512 Program and should not be included in the partnership structure of any business as of the pre-application date.

Mentoring support of Turkey's giant companies

KWORKS Director Dr. Dr. Kungor Kantan stated that the Individual Young Entrepreneur (BİGG) Support Program has realized the first year last year. Mahmut Özdemir said, konu We provide support to young entrepreneurs in many aspects such as education, mentoring, technological infrastructure, access to the customer network they need to implement their business ideas. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, such as the Internet of objects using technologies such as entrepreneur candidates to speed up the digital transformation are invited to apply. We will provide them with the market and technical validations of their ideas and provide the support they need before the corporation. Onlar Also Ozdemir, Turkey's leading corporations and non-governmental organizations with designed KWORKS bigger program of entrepreneurs Arcelik, Koçfinans, Zr, Inventram and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) with the managers of such institutions and added that they offer the opportunity to come together.


Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center KWORKS was founded in November 2014 to create an innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs to transform ideas into sustainable and scalable innovative initiatives. KWORKS, which aims to accelerate the transformation of the new knowledge to benefit in society, plays an accelerating role with the infrastructure and mentoring support it provides in the commercialization processes. The KWORKS team, which provides the basis for entrepreneurs to create a business model by using up-to-date and efficient methods; In addition to more than 50 mentors, the Supreme Council of Entrepreneurial and Forward-minded Businesspeople, with the support of the Supreme Council, mediates the transfer of an important experience to enterprises. KWORKS aims to spread the culture of entrepreneurship in our country; it serves as an important meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. KWORKS offers an environment where entrepreneurs can work 24/7 in Şişli, in its 1,200 m2 center.

Contact: Tülay Genç I [email protected] I +90 (850) 885 12 55