We Give Back from Nature

We Give Back from Nature
18 January 2019

We Give Back from Nature

Paper warming from the production, furniture decoration each year an average of 7 per person tree that needs to be cut in many different areas of Turkey, is among the countries with the most tree seedlings a major breakthrough in the last 10 years. Every year millions of acres of land to desertification, which is why on earth the face of this situation, Turkey's support to this move came from Assortments of furniture.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to Indiana University's research, in developed and developing countries, 7 trees per capita are cut per year for various needs, and about 600 million trees are used in the production of furniture, paper and other products. It is vital to avoid desertification and minimize the loss of wood for a clean future. The leading brand of furniture and decoration sector Assortment, which was initiated to create furniture environmental awareness "we take from nature Back Veriyoruz" regardless of gender selling price or product campaigns for each customer shoppers from domestic and overseas stores a sapling in Turkey stitching. Within the scope of the social responsibility project, more than a thousand seedlings were brought to the ground within 3 months.

17 trees are recovered from each ton of recycled wood products.

Asortie Mobilya Chairman of the Board Murat Erat stated that every year millions of trees are cut every year in the furniture and decoration industry. Everyone needs to put his hand under the stone and make efforts to recycle the trees. This can be by planting seedlings, or by recycling the furniture. The important thing is to create awareness and take a step without distinction between small or big. 17 trees are recovered from each ton of recycled wood products. Recovered trees, an average of 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year while cleaning 26 thousand 460 liters of water and 4 thousand kilowatts of energy savings. Asortie Furniture as a first in our industry by starting the first cut every tree instead of erecting a new generation of generations want to leave an oxygenated world, '' he said.

Assortment of Furniture, Turkey, Dubai, Serbia and Ukraine for all purchases made in a shop in a tree planting campaign in Turkey makes it far more than a thousand tree planting took place. If the customers who wish to plant saplings in the name of the seedlings they can take delivery of the seedlings themselves.

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