Getting permission has never been easier!

Getting permission has never been easier!
20 February 2017

Specializing in digital experience design, Sherpa has digitized personnel management processes by selecting Kolay HR.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Founded in 2013 to design experience for digital products and services, Sherpa has digitized processes for staff management. Turkey's first cloud-based human resources (HR) and personnel management system Kolay HR who prefer Sherpa's founder Jacob Flag, "Permission getting permissions approval Manik, visa paperwork that collection could be so easy and fast, we did not've probably guessed," he said . Kolay HR, not let Sherpa alone; it has minimized the workload on many issues related to HR management such as education, payroll, spending, embezzlement and personal information.

Yakup Bayrak, who shares his experiences with Kolay HR, said, uzman Our team includes professionals from various disciplines such as project managers, researchers, visual communication designers and data analysts. We believe in team play and design to solve problems. Kolay HR, in this sense, our company offers a very convenient service to our culture. With its easy-to-use interface, it saves us a lot of time in operational terms. Kolay HR not only saved us from Excel, it also enabled us to use time, which is our most valuable resource. Kolay

Kolay HR Founding Partner Efecan Erdur said: ım We started to serve more than 3,500 companies in a short time with our prices starting from 49 TL per month. The number of people who prefer Kolay HR is increasing day by day. We are pleased to see that these companies, where creative teams from different disciplines work, understand their needs in the HR field and produce solutions that provide added value to them. 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55