Active Ways of Sun Protection​

20 April 2017

Active Ways of Sun Protection​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The source of life and energy The sun's importance in our lives is great, but the damage to our skin is increasing day by day due to the ozone layer and other reasons. Since the damage caused by the sun rays continues in all seasons, it is necessary to be protected throughout the year.

Volkan Dogan, Manager and Product Specialist at, says that any sunscreen used will protect the skin from harmful effects, but the chemical ratio of the product with high protective properties is high. Ud If a product claims that it protects you from the sun's harmful rays, it doesn't make sense to have herbal content and the fact that it's natural. 

The cream-protective effect increased half an hour before sun exposure

Preserving creams that are applied half an hour before leaving the house to be protected from the effects of sun rays are more effective. Volkan Doğan, manager and product specialist at said, lar We want to protect ourselves from harm, but we also want to tan. These products also have some sun protection, but thanks to the ingredients in the faster and more brown with a sub-tone to make you tan. In addition to these products, there are also those who prefer tanning with natural oils (such as coconut oil, cocoa butter and carrot oil). Of course, those who prefer natural products need to pay attention to the proportions of the oils they use, Tabii he adds.

Be able to protect against the damage of sun rays Manager and Product Specialist Volkan Dogan kullan If we do not use tanning products carefully, we may be exposed to more side effects. In addition, the products we use will be very important at this point. The start date for the use of solar products is April. Güneş

Before using the tanning products, it is necessary to remove the body from salty and chlorinated water. Very serious allergic reactions can occur in the use before the body cleansing.

Atilla Muslu, Head of Adwise Digital Agency Agency, recently stated that searches on this type of skin products have increased over the Internet. . We can say that the consumer's level of consciousness has increased because no one expects July to receive sunscreen. There are a lot of users who have been buying products before. 

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