A digital disaster, the manufacturer costs 1 day 165 thousand TL!

A digital disaster, the manufacturer costs 1 day 165 thousand TL!
30 May 2017

A digital disaster, the manufacturer costs 1 day 165 thousand TL!

The business of digital disaster companies has been suspended for a while. The cost of this outage is quite high. A company from the manufacturing sector, which cannot use IT systems, loses 165,080 TL a day.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Clonera Bilisim Hizmetleri AS, which specializes in disaster recovery and business continuity, developed Disaster Cost Analysis (FEMA) in order to see the cost of companies if IT services stop for any reason. FEMA Analysis, which is available free of charge at fema.clonera.net, calculates the average costs that companies will face when their business is interrupted. Companies can enter their own data as well as calculate the cost of the disaster using industry averages. According to the FEMA Analysis, a company operating in the manufacturing sector with a turnover of 50 million TL and a total number of 100 employees is faced with a cost of 165.080 TL per day due to the loss of labor and sales when a digital disaster occurs. *

Evren Ballı, Clonera Information Services Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: dijital Starting from the business world, the digital transformation that has become widespread rapidly brings about the ways in which business practices depend on information technologies. The new work environment created by technology raises two very important questions: How will a company with interrupted IT systems ensure business continuity? How much will it cost to the company? Unfortunately, most companies calculate the cost of disasters. We developed FEMA Analysis for this purpose. Companies can now predict the cost of a possible digital disaster. ” Ballı says that companies should use disaster recovery and business continuity solutions in order to prevent their business interruptions and these costs, but that their data will never be lost and their applications will be accessible from anywhere. Ballı says that in order to calculate the costs to be incurred in a real outage, the components that affect the business continuity need to be analyzed in detail, emphasizing that companies should receive a comprehensive Etki Business Impact Analysis alarak by taking consultancy service.

Every year one of 3 companies is experiencing digital disaster!
Clonera according to the research done and achieved results in line with international statistics, one of every three companies in Turkey, a digital disaster experienced IT service will stop during the last 1 year. Since 65% of these companies returned their systems from backup, they couldn't reach their applications for a certain period of time. 8% could never bring their systems back. Only 3% of companies were interrupted by natural disasters. The main business outages were caused by digital disasters such as user error, system failure, cyber attack or power failure.

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