Hava kirliliği yüzünden her yıl 30 bin kişi hayatını kaybediyor

Hava kirliliği yüzünden her yıl 30 bin kişi hayatını kaybediyor
03 December 2018

30,000 people die each year due to air pollution

Air pollution 400 thousand each year in Europe, in Turkey, causing 30 thousand people to lose their lives. 97% of the urban population in our country is exposed to urban dust consisting of 224 toxic chemicals. Air pollution increases skin diseases in winter, especially in cities.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Skin health expert Dado Sens compiled data on increased air pollution and skin diseases, especially in winter. The or Air Quality in Europe 2018 ıt report, published by the European Environment Agency, shows that air pollution causes the premature death of 400,000 people annually on the European continent. According to data from 2,500 observation points in 33 European countries, 92% of the annual value outages experienced in particulate matter rates are taking place in our country. The ratio of nitrogen oxides resulting from traffic Turkey, together with Norway and Greece, is among the three most dangerous countries in terms of air pollution in Europe.

Air pollution increases skin diseases in winter.

Thanks to the cooling of the weather in winter, increasing fossil fuel consumption in urban areas and air pollution caused by heavy traffic cause many diseases especially skin diseases. Guylaine Le Loarer, Head of Global Research and Development at Dado Sens, one of the well-known skin care sector companies in the skin care sector, explains the growing skin diseases in winter. The highest number of seborrheic eczema, psoriasis and itching are seen in the winter months when air pollution increases. When we look at the causes of these diseases, air pollution is the first place, nutrition conditions and stress are a major factor.

"Natural skin can only be supplied with natural products."

Including EU members, the US, and then the 30 countries where China stating that they log in to the Turkey market in May 2018 Guylaine Le Loarer is, "Beauty therapist by Annemarie Lindner 'Eaters could not not take to anything skin' by adopting the understanding, care and treatment support for special needs skin We offer products. Natural skin can only be supplied with natural source products. Skin cleaning and care products are very important for being less affected by increased air pollution. ”It should be sure that there is no synthetic fragrance, perfume, paraben, silicone, animal extract and petroleum products in the skin health products used.

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