"In Turkey, the number of products it sells brand we reach 1 year 1 month"

24 November 2017

"In Turkey, the number of products it sells brand we reach 1 year 1 month"

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 2012 to regulate interviews and workshops in order to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem since start-IST realized Turkey's leading companies, senior executives of each month, guests had the Executive Talks third of the series November 23 Thursday evening Warranty Partners hosted. Penti Clothing Inc. The event was hosted by its CEO Mert Karaibrahimoğlu and the moderator of the event was Mine Dedekoca, the founder of Start-IST and Davetpostası.com.

Mert Karaibrahimoğlu shared the details and milestones of the business life spreading to different countries and sectors with the participants and said, ım My business life started when I was a child selling water in the hospital. Then I went to Cambridge for language training and worked in a restaurant to earn my pocket money. In this process, which is the turning point of my life, customer-oriented approach has brought success. ”

Karaibrahimoğlu stated that Penti has grown 38% cumulatively in the product categories in the last 5 years and said “We increased the number of our stores from 139 to 485 in 62 provinces. Pentane as the number of products it sells all brands of 1 year and 1 month are selling in Turkey, we reach a total of 50 million items per year. We are expanding our presence in the overseas market with 140 stores in 34 countries. ” Karaibrahimoğlu stated that the sales made via e-commerce reached 3 times the physical stores with the highest turnover and emphasized that EBITDA control is very important in e-commerce operations and that it is the basic principles of spending as it wins.

The monthly Executive Talks series will host Turkcell CDAO Barış Karakullukçu on December 21, 2017. You can register for the free event:

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