Drone Excretion from Borusan Logistics​

Drone Excretion from Borusan Logistics​
01 March 2018

Drone Excretion from Borusan Logistics

 In the sixth of the Executive Talks series, Since 2012, organizing interviews and workshops to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem Start-IST hosted Serdar Erçal, Borusan Logistics Supply Chain Management and Strategic Customers Executive Committee Member, hosted by Garanti Partners.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In his speech, Serdar Erçal stated that Borusan Lojistik's strengths were the investments and R & D activities carried out on human resources and said yatırım We shape technological developments according to the needs of our customers. We place at RFID chips we received from the production Ford vehicle to the production line in Turkey to be exported and 350 thousand square meters spread over 20 thousand vehicles a drone that exist in the correct location and are able to control every 5 minutes through software, "he said. Erçal also emphasized that more than 1000 employees have benefited from the den Sales and Leadership Academies ın in cooperation with Sabancı University.

The question of whether or not product deliveries in the future can be carried out by drone. Delivery has become quite costly with the increase of urbanization and therefore traffic. I think that with these conditions, delivery with drones will be an important solution. 

Trademark of Logistics Sector

Borusan Logistics "is a company I'm proud to be found in" the defining Erçal, the words continued as follows: "For many years a stable growth and job Borusan build trusting relationship with its partners, has today become Turkey's most reputable brand in the logistics sector. We also use a debt to benefit the benefit of society. We plant a seedling against every 10 containers we carry, and today we have brought more than 1 million trees to our country. 

After 15 years I see myself as my business owner 

Serdar Erçal said that he wrote a letter to himself 15 years later and saw himself as an entrepreneur in the future. He said that he was experiencing a corporate entrepreneurship experience with the bukoli.com project developed under the roof of Borusan Lojistik. He said that they received very positive returns from the point of dealings with the tradesmen but that the e-commerce sites, which are the main customers of the business, have shelved the project for now because they cannot allocate enough finance to this business. He underlined that they lose the speed, which is one of the most basic needs of entrepreneurship because of their habits to research and control everything that corporate life brings.

Erçal ended his speech by stating that he made the people more productive and said, ı If I was a recent graduate from university, I would go out of my comfort zone, go to where my heart took me to break my safe and guaranty side and if I needed to find it, I would have waited a long time Konfor.

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