Public relations and media communication/relations

Today, extensive usage of internet has both changed and diversified the institutions’ communication studies aiming the target audience. Institutions demanding to be in touch with the target audience via press communication, disappearance of the concept of time and space through new communication portals have brought structural amendments in the studies of both public relations and media relations. Information resources being instantaneously transferred within a platform like internet has provided such easiness in terms of forwarding the message to target audience. However, this situation emphasizes the importance of track management of the process as well as instantaneous and interactive oriented acting for the prestige of the institution in order to avoid any negative perception in a state of crisis. 

Public Relations involves the reputation management of the organizations or people aiming to have more efficient communication for the target audience they serve. According to International Public Relations Association (IPRA), the definition of Public Relations is a privileged management function; helping to generate and maintain the mutual communication, insightfulness, acceptance and collaboration between an organization and its target audience, containing the management of issues and problems, interacting with the public opinion, assisting the management for the informing of public opinion , defining and emphasizing the responsibility of the management for the benefit of public, applying ethical communication techniques and research as the primary tools. 

Media Relations in Terms of Public Relations 

As the influence of the press grows in society, media communication becomes a specialty field of public relations. It should be remembered that all the institutions and organizations are responsible for assessing the compliance and suggestions coming from public opinion. Public Relations practitioners must proceed with ethical methods whilst targeting to save a place in media for the content about the institutions that could potentially be news resource. Content as a potential news resource can reach for so many people only if the media relations are successfully operated. 

Comprehensive knowledge of broadcasting policies and being familiar with the interest fields of the journalists is one of the crucial parts of the business. Having full knowledge of the working style of the journalists serving in the fields such as television, newspaper, magazine, and news portal are critical in regards to preventing any problem during the broadcasting. Strategically designating the events calendar, knowledge of the most convenient days and hours, and such various headlines increase the chances of media coverage. 

Media relations comprise that companies safely transfer their mission, policy, and implementation to the target audience. And online press empowers the reputation of institutions through assisting information flow to target audience via press releases while saving on time, space, and costs. Institutions today ease the reaching for direct information about themselves through forming online press rooms on websites. 

Being have to contact various media organs aiming to inform the people; hence, media relations have to be consistent. So many public relation activities such as lobby activities, social responsibility projects, and media coverage of press releases having reached for their goals depends on the solid bond between news resource and channel. Therefore, institutions can broadcast their messages to target audience. 

Press is the Bridge Between Target Audience and Institution

The most important function of the press is to generate public opinion, operating as the bridge between institution and target audience. The most frequently utilized tool in public relations campaigns in the press. Public relations professionals and journalists have working methods similar to each other. Both the profession group must present accurate information to target audience, and information flow must be realized without exaggeration, consistent and as fast as possible. When public relations practitioners prepare press releases or signing any campaign, they should pay attention that headline is newsworthy. Press releases and campaigns, absolutely can not contain any sentence or slogans leading to sales or advertisement.  

Your Content Has To Be Newsworthy 

Journalists are the persons who find newsworthy contents, organize and interpret in order to inform the public. One of the news resources of journalists is public relations practitioners and PR agencies. Public relations practitioners are responsible of providing the news resource of institutions to journalists, press releases and visuals consisting of information about the occurrence, person or the situation subject to broadcasting. In this context, press releases to be broadcasted should be prepared as newsworthy. General factors determining the value of news are; public utility, up to dateness, uncommonness, curiosity and fame. 

To be able to write an effective press release, first of all, content should be in compliance with the 5W 1H rule. Press releases must not be prepared with hearsay information, must contain components of facts and objectivity, and also clear and unbiased statements. The information within text must come together in a logical integrity and must not conflict with each other. 

Which Topics to Refer for Media Coverage?

Via press releases, developments within the institution, changes in titles, product or services and launches, mergers & acquisitions, reports, and c -level assignments can be shared with the public. Furthermore, to clarify negative news about institutions and manage the crisis, journalists and public opinion are informed via press releases. 

Studies to Make Institutions Valuable for Journalists

The studies that will be carried out by institutions for the benefit of public, will also be valuable for journalists. Institutions must watch for the value judgment of the public, be aware of social needs, research the distinguishing activities that will make a difference in the society, contribute to their country in terms of social and economic means. Social responsibility studies to be realized in this context, having a clear communication policy towards journalists in order to keep in touch with press relations and being responsive when in need, will make the institution valuable in the eye of journalists.

Benefits of Press Relations and Public Relations for Brands 

Studies and activities of a company implementing sustainable communication that is well known by the public are much more easily comprehended and adopted, comparing to an institution or brand that does not regularly perform communication activities. Institutions and brands distinguishing themselves from the very first moment as caring about moral values; in that way, give a positive message about the productivity of their vision and working methods. 

Via press, the message of brand or institution reaches for the broadest audience in the shortest time. Online press releases provide information flow not only to media but to all other partner groups and therefore empowers its image. Through online media, important news about an institution can be shared worldwide in an instant. Information resources being instantaneously transferred on a platform like internet offers easiness in actualizing communication, which is a milestone for the institutions. Hence, institutions will receive the support they expect both from target audiences and employees, a trustworthy bond will be generated between these audiences. 

With press release service, you can increase your recognizability in the sector. Either SME, enterprises, CSOs or a company dating back to years, you can create awareness in the target audiences through converting your newsworthy content into press releases. Additionally, you can inform your target audience and potential investors with the latest developments. 


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Content for Impact
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Localization Capabilities
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Detailed Reporting
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Strong Distribution Network
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Brand Awareness
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