Press release distribution in South Korea

Operating with ‘pay-as-you-go’ business model, B2Press offers press release distribution services in South Korea, which has a population of 51 million.

According to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019, South Korea has become digitalized rapidly and is one of the countries that actively use online channels and social media to reach the news.

Online channels take first place on reaching news with 83%. Although television’s rate has decreased since 2016 as more people prefer to watch news videos on digital platforms, it is the second most preferred news source with 67%. Social media’s rate is 26%. At the end of the list, print has a 19% ratio. Only 10% of the people in South Korea use a paid service to access news. Offering messaging service, forum, e-commerce and news flow, home-grown web portals Naver and Daum have become the leading destination for news consumers in South Korea with 66% and 44% usage ratios respectively.


General information

 Top 3 Newspapers

 Top 3 News Sites

 Capital City: Seoul

Chosun Ilbo

 Official Language: Korean

Joong-ang Ilbo

 Population: 52 million

Dong-a Ilbo



Fact-Checking in South Korea

In South Korea, online videos and podcasts have taken precedence over the TV sector. More than half of Korean citizens state that they listen to a podcast at least once a month. People mostly follow news via videos that are on digital platforms. In response, TV broadcasters have gone towards streaming 24/7 on digital platforms like Kakap Talk and YouTube. On the other hand, concerns about fake news and misinformation in South Korea have risen. Fact-checking has become a common practice in many newsrooms with Seoul National University (SNU) coordinating activity in around 30 newsrooms using a common platform.

Trust in the news in South Korea is consistently amongst the lowest in the world. Just a fifth (22%) of the citizens agree that the news media are doing a good job and trust in news overall. The rate falls to 15% in the news on social media.

Why is B2Press a Right Choice for Press Release Distribution?

B2Press aims to improve the image and reputation of brands by creating newsworthy and powerful press releases with a strategical approach. It offers 3 different PR packages in South Korea; Wire, Premium and Exclusive.

  • Within the scope of its Wire package, B2Press editorial checks and distributes the already written Korean press releases to target media.
  • According to your brief and subject, B2Press writes SEO-friendly press releases within the scope of Premium and Exclusive PR packages. This is the most effective way to boost online visibility.
  • Press releases that are strengthened by statistics and data are usually considered important by journalists.
  • B2Press' professional editors localize press releases and translate them to Korean and English.
  • B2Press prepares the most relevant media list, then distributes press releases to thousands of journalists, editors and reporters that are segmented for your industry.
  • Apart from the media lists, B2Press redistributes press releases to press via YonHap, one of the country’s biggest news agency. As a result of this, it maximizes the coverage of the press release.
  • After the distribution, B2Press provides weekly and monthly reports so that the impact of the press release can be measured. Moreover, its advanced monitoring tools provide helpful insights and data.





Content for Impact
Content for Impact
Press release content is created by a team of experts with knowledge about the targeted countries’ local dynamics and by considering newsworthiness. The contents are also checked by senior editors.
Localization Capabilities
Localization Capabilities
Arabic, Chinese or Russian? We got you covered! B2Press online PR agency creates press release content in the languages of the targeted countries. Colloquial expressions, terms and idioms are incorporated by translators.
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
B2Press provides weekly and monthly reports following distribution of the press release so that you can measure its impact. Advanced search in local search engines provides helpful insights and data for your next press release.
Strong Distribution Network
Strong Distribution Network
Press releases are serviced to lists of journalists, segmented according to their interests as well as through news agencies in the targeted countries.
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
And these are not all when it comes to digital PR services. International press release distribution also enables you to reach your target audience, investors and prospective customers. Are you ready to make your mark with your brand through 60 news agencies and 300 thousand journalists in over 20 countries?
Economical Solution
Economical Solution
Online PR agency B2Press provides all the services you have come to expect from traditional PR agencies with a “pay as you go” pricing structure that eliminates monthly retainers. B2Press offers an end-to-end solution by managing the press release copy writing, distribution and reporting processes.
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