Press release distribution in Italy

Offering media communication/relations since 2016 in more than 30 countries as being Europe’s first online PR agency, B2Press offers the opportunity of distributing Italian press releases in Italy which has a population exceeding 60 million.

According to Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019 data, this year has also been marked by a continuing weakening of the printed newspaper sector. On the other hand, social media, especially Facebook live streams have been intensively used by the political leaders. While broadcasters’ revenues have been relatively stable since the last few years, newspapers’ and magazines’ revenues experienced a %21 reduction. Italy’s internet penetration rate is %92.

Television is the most preferred medium with a %78 usage rate for reaching news, followed by online channels (%76). While social media (%47) has become an important channel for reaching news, newspaper readership continues to fall steadily.


General information

 Top 3 Newspapers

 Top 3 News Sites

 Capital City: Rome

La Repubblica

 Official Language: Italian

Corriere della Sera

 Population: 59 million

La Gazetta dello Sport



Changing Media in Italy

When we look at the overall revenue share within the Italian media, we see Comcast Corporation/Sky and Fininvest/Mediaset share the first place with a rate of %15, followed by the public service broadcaster RAI (14%). Other relevant players are the international platforms of Google (4%) and Facebook (3%). Fanpage, an online news portal, became the most popular online news site in Italy that using social channels efficiently. On the contrary of Fanpage’s achievement, RAI couldn’t be effective in online channels. The Italian public service broadcaster is still far from the levels it achieves on traditional platforms.

Advantages of Using B2Press Online PR Agency for International Press Release Distribution

Operating ‘as a service’, B2Press offers press release distribution in Italy as in many other European countries. Combining press release writing, distributing and reporting processes, B2Press builds a bridge between you and the media with its unique PR packages.

  • As the first step, B2Press' editors determine the subject that will increase brand awareness and boost online visibility.
  • B2Press writes the press releases in English and Italian, in accordance with the subject and your brief.
  • B2Press writes SEO-friendly press releases by integrating strategic keywords.
  • While writing your press releases in different languages, B2Press pays attention to the target countries dynamics.
  • After the preparation process, your press releases are distributed via the most relevant media lists.
  • B2Press redistributes your press releases in Italy via Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) and Adnkronos, the leading news agencies in Italy.
  • Unlike its competitors, B2Press distributes your press releases with an image, which is included in the package without charging any additional costs.
  • After the distribution of the press release, B2Press prepares and shares media coverage reports two times; weekly and monthly.
  • In order to maximize coverage, you can benefit from B2Press' “Triple Package for Europe” and expand your reach with distributing the press release to 2 additional European countries.




Content for Impact
Content for Impact
Press release content is created by a team of experts with knowledge about the targeted countries’ local dynamics and by considering newsworthiness. The contents are also checked by senior editors.
Localization Capabilities
Localization Capabilities
Arabic, Chinese or Russian? We got you covered! B2Press online PR agency creates press release content in the languages of the targeted countries. Colloquial expressions, terms and idioms are incorporated by translators.
Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
B2Press provides weekly and monthly reports following distribution of the press release so that you can measure its impact. Advanced search in local search engines provides helpful insights and data for your next press release.
Strong Distribution Network
Strong Distribution Network
Press releases are serviced to lists of journalists, segmented according to their interests as well as through news agencies in the targeted countries.
Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
And these are not all when it comes to digital PR services. International press release distribution also enables you to reach your target audience, investors and prospective customers. Are you ready to make your mark with your brand through 60 news agencies and 300 thousand journalists in over 20 countries?
Economical Solution
Economical Solution
Online PR agency B2Press provides all the services you have come to expect from traditional PR agencies with a “pay as you go” pricing structure that eliminates monthly retainers. B2Press offers an end-to-end solution by managing the press release copy writing, distribution and reporting processes.
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