STEPEVİ, Juan Montoya imzalı yeni Moonlight koleksiyonunu Milano’da tanıttı

STEPEVİ, Juan Montoya imzalı yeni Moonlight koleksiyonunu Milano’da tanıttı
02 May 2018

STEPEVİ introduces the new Moonlight collection signed by Juan Montoya in Milan

Stepevi, which has become one of the global actors of the different interpretation sector brought to the contemporary carpet design, introduced its new Moonlight collection launched in Paris in January in the design and creativity capital of Italy, Milan.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The Moonlight collection, signed by the famous American architect Juan Montoya, one of the leading interior designers of the world, known for its luxury housing and hotel projects in America and Europe, is in a surprising installation throughout Milan Design Week on 17-22 April. It was exhibited. The installation of Italian architect Carolina Nisivoccia for Moonlight took place in the showroom of Stepevi in ​​Milan's Brera region. Inspired by the collection inspired by the night silhouette of the sky, Nisivoccia created unexpected reflections on the designs with circular mirror panels of different sizes suspended from the ceiling. Stepevi

Visitors to the showroom had the opportunity to experience the three-dimensional version of the daki Moon Island ıyla design in the collection through the installation.

A customizable collection
With its or Moonlight oz collection designed by Juan Montoya, he wants to reintroduce the importance of constellations, planets and cosmic associations in our daily life by combining the magnificence of the galaxy with daily life. The special collection, which draws attention as much as its name, consists of four charming designs made of wool and high quality viscose. All the items in the collection can be personalized to suit the needs and taste of the customers.
The Moonlight collection of Step-vi, with stores in major cities such as London, New York, Paris, Munich, Milan and Istanbul; Istinye Park, Nişantaşı and Etiler showrooms can be visited.

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Moon Island Moon Rocks
Stellar Luna


Blending traditional carpet production with new technology, Stepevi is one of the world's leading carpet brands with its inspiration from the latest fashion in colors and textures. Serving with stores in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Geneva, Munich and Istanbul, the brand has the flexibility to design and produce in special production. The carpets specially designed and produced by Stepevi are produced and delivered within a short period of four weeks.