Last 5 years of skin diseases in children in Turkey increased by 23%

Last 5 years of skin diseases in children in Turkey increased by 23%
04 May 2018

Last 5 years of skin diseases in children in Turkey increased by 23%

The most important environmental problems of air pollution from the beginning, more than 6.5 million people worldwide each year, while in Turkey, causing the death of about 30 thousand people. Air pollution causes skin diseases, cancer and respiratory infections. The incidence of skin diseases in children in the last 5 years, Turkey has increased by 23%.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Air pollution, one of the most important environmental problems with increasing industrialization and urbanization, threatens human health more and more every day. While families are looking for reliable solutions to protect themselves and their children, every skin product cannot meet the needs of children with sensitive skins, and by trial and error, many people lose time and money while waiting for their health.

The world-famous skin health expert, Dado Sens, has compiled many and especially children's data on air pollution and skin diseases. According to World Health Organization reports, 92% of the world's population is heavily polluted with high polluted air. According to the European Environmental Agency 97% of the urban population in Turkey are exposed to unhealthy urban dust. Especially in big cities breathing and direct contact with the skin, the urban powder consists of about 224 toxic chemicals. T. C. Turkey prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Environmental Problems and Priorities 22 in 81 provinces according to the assessment report, air pollution ranks as the most important environmental problems. In the Chamber of Environmental Engineers Air Pollution Report 2017 given that the place was clean the air only 6 provinces in Turkey. The main sources of this pollution are domestic heating, transportation, power plants and industry.

30% of the world's population suffers from skin diseases
Air pollution; causes serious diseases such as hair loss, cancer, respiratory infections, especially skin diseases and allergies. Research conducted by French academics in the American Journal of Epidemiology; proves that there is a parallel relationship between the increase in air pollution in cities and the increase in skin problems. Psoriasis, dermatitis (eczema), neurodermatitis (allergic eczema) is the most common skin diseases and allergies encountered today. Research highlights that 30% of the world's population suffers from at least one of these diseases.

8% of children suffering from eczema in Turkey
In Turkey alone, a total of more than 1.5 million patients with psoriasis. When Turkey Health Survey, the most common type of the disease, especially in children in the 7-14 age group studied; skin diseases have increased by 23% since 2012. One out of every 4 children has an allergic disease, while 8% of children have eczema.

German skin health experts Dado Sens in Turkey
Germany 30 years ago by Annemarie Lindner "I do not take anything for my skin can not Eaters" concept by adopting special needs skin for the daily care and treatment support products developed Dado Sens, debuted on the market in Turkey. Dado Sens, offering psoriasis, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, skin problems related to diabetes, skin blemishes and skin health products against acne; The European Union is working to protect and retain the natural structure of sensitive skin in a total of 30 countries including the USA and China. Tests carried out in laboratory environments with cortisone natural structure Dado Sens products in sensitive, dry and atopic eczema skins up to 84% in 4 weeks is achieved by independent organizations are approved.

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