World-renowned communications network market is entering Turkey Sigfox

World-renowned communications network market is entering Turkey Sigfox
07 May 2018

World-renowned communications network market is entering Turkey Sigfox

With the development of smart technology growing with each passing day 'internet of objects' (IOT) market in the world in 2025, 92 billion objects by size, while in Turkey will reach 343 million units. Sigfox developed a new generation of communications technologies, has started negotiations with investors to establish a national iota operator in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the context of the tekn Internet of Things er (IoT) which has entered our lives with the increase of smart technologies; Considering factors such as data requirement, distance, security and battery life, new network options are created for the objects to communicate with each other. New communication methods provide a significant cost advantage and energy savings compared to 4.5G, which is commonly known as wi-fi, bluetooth or cellular communication. Since 2009, Sigfox has been active in the creation of IoT projects by touching 803 million people in 46 countries across the globe. Sigfox, Turkey for more than 24 years in the context of structuring technology and telecommunications sector of the global company's senior management employees Ferhan Köksal Sigfox Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia started talks with investors to build a national iota operator in assigning Turkey market as the Country Director.

In 2025, the number of objects connected to the Internet in the world will reach 92 billion
Sigfox emphasis on the rapidly developing IOT market in the world, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia Country Director Ferhan Koksal, "International organizations in 2008, according to research connected to the internet the number of objects on Earth total human population and whereas the number of these objects in 2025 is expected to reach 92 billion. The number of objects of about 343 million projected for Turkey market. In particular, smart meter reading, remote on / off, smart watches and cars such as the internet of great potential with the object of automation projects (IOT) market in Turkey, such as personal and massive security monitoring with special logistic and agricultural practices embodies opportunities in many projects. Sigfox as we want to translate these opportunities by establishing a Sigfox operators with the opportunity to domestic investors in Turkey. "He said.

Service with Sigfox for 2.5 years with 2.5Ah battery
Known as the most widely used inter-object communication network in Europe, Sigfox is used in smart homes and smart cities, especially in home and building counters, alarm systems, street lighting, security systems, thanks to its low power consumption and effective communication network in large areas. An object that uses Sigfox communication network can be serviced with 2.5Ah battery for 20 years. This communication infrastructure, which operates unlicensed by the European Union and the International Telecomunication Union throughout the world, offers highly effective opportunities for IoT projects to reach the imaginary point with their ready-to-use devices, sensors and software.

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