Does the HR practices of successful companies in Turkey?

Does the HR practices of successful companies in Turkey?
07 May 2018

Does the HR practices of successful companies in Turkey?

According to his analysis of the Kolay HR 2017, very close to the success of the company in Turkey, but still way for digitization needs to be taken. The application for the 2018 analysis of the Kolay HR was published on May 7.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Kolay HR personnel management software, human resource of companies in Turkey (HR) management and staff has created an application to measure their competence in the field. First performed last year and 553 companies, according to study results obtained starting from data, overall very close to being successful in the company's HR practices in Turkey. Digitalization of HR and personnel management processes is still a significant distance to be covered. Kolay HR launched on May 7th for the company's 2018 erece Human Resources Performance Map 7. Through an analysis tool available free of charge at; From recruitment to internal communication, from personal files to in-house training, from performance management to payrolling, many questions are asked and companies are allowed to receive a short report on their processes.

Kolay IK’n, 77% of companies that applied last year's analysis, SMEs with up to 250 employees. Half of the companies are in the age range of 0-12 years, average company life in our country is 12 years. Half of its employees and 41% of those working in the company for at least 2 years. 35% of the companies do not have HR managers. In these companies, HR processes are followed by 60% company owner or general manager. In companies with an HR manager, the reported person is 84% ​​company owner or general manager. 42% of the companies have HR staff, of which 33% are teams of 1-5.

According to the report, approximately 30% of companies refer to the recruitment of employees. The ratio of employees with consultancy firms is 12%. Out of the companies, 39% of the companies receive service from outside the organization. Only half of the companies perform a performance evaluation. 3 out of 10 companies do not participate in training programs. 32% of the participants attend the training once a year and 39% attend the training once a year. 5 out of 10 companies conduct communication activities for their employees. Four of them receive professional support from outside the institution.


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