“The quality and taste of Afyon sucuk and pastrami will reach 81 provinces”

“The quality and taste of Afyon sucuk and pastrami will reach 81 provinces”
07 October 2020

Geographical indication registration, which is carried out to protect local products and transfer them to the future, continues at full speed. Turkey had 38 Geo-marked products in 2002, while it has reached 547 today. From the first products included in this movement, Afyon sucuk and pastrami will now be delivered to 81 provinces with the same flavor and quality with Danet.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey, with its cultural heritage from past to present, is home to hundreds of diverse and unique regional products with the contribution of different climatic conditions and fertile soil structure. Many cities are registered with dozens of special products, while 12 products are registered with geographical signs, one of the cities that stands out is Afyonkarahisar, which is also qualified as a gastronomy city. Afyon sucuk and pastrami, one of the first traditional meat products of Afyonkarahisar, were registered in 2005 and took their place among the products that received the first Geographical Indication registration of Turkey.

The taste is guaranteed with the Geographical Indication

Danet, one of leading meat producers, took action, wanting to deliver traditional sucuk and pastrami which specifics come from Afyon’s unique geographical conditions, special mix of dozens of spices and certain animal fattening to 81 Turkey's cities. A mutual protocol was signed between the Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) and Danet for the use of a geographical label of Afyon sucuk and Afyon pastrami. In this way, Danet will deliver Afyon sucuk and Afyon pastrami to consumers in 81 provinces with a Geographical Indication label.

"We represent famous Afyon sucuk and pastrami"

At the protocol ceremony, Danet board member Osman Uluçay and General Manager Sait Uluçay said, “It is an important objection to protect the famous Afyon sucuk and Afyon pastrami by obtaining Geographical Indication registration. We strive to support this vision with the motto “Afyon when we say sucuk, Danet when we say Afyon”. As Danet, we are proud to represent traditional meat products, which have received their flavor from the Afyon region for half a century, in both national and international arenas. Now we take this pride one step further by crowning our products with a Georaphic Indication label. Our products labeled with geographical signs will soon take their place on the shelves and we will continue to announce the tastes of Afyonkarahisar all over the world.”

Afyon's flavors to reach the whole Turkey with Danet

ATSO Chairman Hüsnü Serteser said, “Danet, one of the important companies for Afyonkarahisar, and today we have established the protocol for the use of the geographic label of the famous Afyon sausage and Afyon pastrami, which belongs to Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Geographical Indication registered products should be acquired by companies and spread throughout Turkey. Danet's products are sold in all provinces of Turkey. After that, we will see the products of the Danet brand in 81 provinces with a Geographical Indication label.”

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