TUSEV: "Turkey needs improvement in the financial regulations for the development of civil society"

16 May 2018

TUSEV: "Turkey needs improvement in the financial regulations for the development of civil society"

According to the report TÜSEV, operating in Turkey, more than 117 associations and foundations need of improvement works to be favorable and encouraging donors on behalf of the interests of financial regulations.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 25 years civil society, legal, financial and operational continue its activities to improve the infrastructure of Turkey's Third Sector Foundation (European Foundation), civil society, improving the interests of financial regulations within the scope prepared by the Foundation and the Association Concerning Taxation and Public Benefit Status: filed the Current Situation and Recommendations Report . The report summarizes the current situation of fiscal and tax regulations, while detailed reviews of the dair Tax Exemption and Public Benefit iyet status and recommendations for their efficient implementation are shared. In the report dated May 2018; According to the current legislation, it is pointed out that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are making the activities difficult because of the taxes to which foundations and associations are subject, the incomes of their assets are subject to withholding and there is no tax exemption for social enterprises.

Improvements should be made to encourage donation!
According to the report of TÜSEV, the existing tax system makes it difficult for the foundations and associations established to create social benefit and to serve the society. Since the establishment of new NGOs is not encouraged, the sector cannot develop at the desired level. The current legislation also does not encourage individual donations. The fact that paid employees cannot deduct their donations from their tax base due to not arranging income tax return is another reason that negatively affects the development of donations. In order for the foundations and associations to be financially sustainable, various incentives should be introduced.

Public benefit and tax exemption status should be made more efficient and accessible!
According to the report, improvements should be made to the status of önemli Public Benefit or Tax Exemption arı, one of the most important means of benefiting from tax exemptions or exemptions for CSOs. operating in Turkey, only 267 of the 5,083 new foundations, and associations from 111 987 to have only the status of the 390, the container needs to define a combination. The definition of activities that qualify to receive these statuses must be extended and given by an independent organization instead of a difficult and political authority such as the Council of Ministers.

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