Pandemic benefited the mobile game industry

Pandemic benefited the mobile game industry
30 September 2020

Affecting the whole world, Covid-19 caused billions of people to spend more time at home. While many sectors such as food and beverage, construction shrank, the gaming sector has been one of the sectors that have benefited most.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Due to Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people were forced to spend more time at home in Turkey, there have been a record increase in demand for games. While there is shrinkage in many sectors, it is stated that the game industry is experiencing its 'golden age' with the pandemic.

According to the report published by Nielsen, there has been a record increase of 75 percent in global online gaming traffic since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, App Annie data showed that the number of games downloaded from iOS and Google Play reached 14 billion in the second quarter of 2020. The total amount spent for mobile games was recorded as 19 billion dollars. While the total number of new applications downloaded in the same period was 35 billion, it was determined that 27 billion dollars were spent for these applications.

Mobile games replaced board games

Stated that besides the gamers who follow the calls to stay at home, many people who have just met the game world also play games on computers and phones, Çanak Batak Marketing Manager Mehmet Tacan Ekim said, “The number of people playing games has increased unprecedentedly. People who socialized in cafes in the past years came together in digital environments to spend time with their friends. As of March, those who work remotely but not go to workplaces, students who are separated from their schools and the elderly who do not leave their home due to restrictions also turned to digital games to socialize. We, as Çanak Batak, have seen the impact of this process very closely. So much so that the number of players of Çanak Batak increased by 300% in the period March-August 2020. This table once again showed us that mobile games are now taking the place of tabletop games.”

"Mobile games are now dominant in the gaming industry"

According to the report of We Are Social in 2020, Çanak Batak Business Development Manager Çağdaş Ekşioğlu stated that the rate of playing games on smartphones is 69 percent, 41 percent on computers, 25 percent on game consoles and 21 percent on tablets. Mobile games are now dominating in the gaming industry. With the pandemic, we anticipate that the number of people playing games on smartphones and tablets will increase even more. For this reason, we used our marketing budget to increase employment and grow our workforce. We aim to be in the top ranks in the world with the projects we will implement with our professional team until the end of 2020. We will maintain this vision in 2021 and in the following years.

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