About 200 thousand people die every year from heart attacks in Turkey

About 200 thousand people die every year from heart attacks in Turkey
29 September 2020

Heart diseases are the reason for most deaths in the world. According to WHO data, 17 million people die every year due to cardiovascular diseases. Drawing attention to the importance of having a healthy heart, experts shared suggestions about heart health on the occasion of September 29, World Heart Day.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cardiovascular diseases are among the diseases to cause most deaths in the world. According to WHO data, while 17 million people die every year due to cardiovascular diseases, deaths somehow related to cardiovascular diseases are estimated to reach 22.2 million by 2030. 40% of the total number of deaths in Turkey is seen to be linked to the circulatory system disease. In Turkey every year about 200 thousand people lost their lives due to heart attacks, it is 30 times more than deaths occurred due to a traffic accident.

Turkey along with the whole world, aiming to increase the public's awareness and draw attention to the main cause of death and cardiovascular disease, executes various awareness activities on the World Heart Day, September 29 every year. On this occasion, CEO of Özel Ankara Umut Hastanesi, Dr. Fedakar Günsili gave some advice to patients with heart disease during the Kovid-19 pandemic.

"With simple precautions, we can reduce our risk of heart attack, stroke and death"

Emphasizing that 80% of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented by healthy eating, regular physical activity and refusal from tobacco products, Fedakar Günsili said, “Cardiovascular diseases are among the most preventable diseases. By making just a few small changes in our lives, we can reduce our risk of heart attack, stroke and death. In addition, we can prevent the development of the cardiovascular disease by not smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthy, not gaining excessive weight, losing weight if we are overweight that will negatively affect our health, if we have hypertension, we can prevent the development of the cardiovascular disease by controlling our blood pressure and sugar.

"Heart patients should pay attention to Kovid-19 3 times more"

Reminding that the group with the highest risk of death in Kovid-19 cases is the elderly and those with cardiovascular disease, Fedakar Günsili said, “According to the results of the research, the mortality rate was 0.9 per cent among those who did not have any previous disease, while the death rate among individuals with cardiovascular diseases was over 10 per cent. For this reason, those with heart disease need to be 3 times more careful with Kovid-19. Since the main target of the virus is the lungs, we see that it also attacks the heart tissue and can cause inflammation of the heart muscle, which we define as myocarditis. In this case, the lungs have to increase the heart circulation rate to compensate for the insufficient oxygen content of the blood. It is inevitable that a diseased heart that needs to work harder to deliver oxygen to tissues will be negatively affected by this situation. For individuals with heart failure when the heart is having problems pumping effectively, it can make worse problems. If you have a heart condition, your chances of getting it can have dangerous consequences. A person with heart problems may have a weaker immune system. It is known that people's immune systems weaken as they get older. Being exposed to viruses bodies with chronic medical conditions will not have an efficient immune response.".

According to a study conducted in the past years, the number of smokers in Turkey exceeds 20 million and this table shows increasing of many diseases, especially cardiovascular ones, Fedakar Gunsili noted, “obesity, smoking and lack of physical activity affect the heart at a critical level. Unfortunately, one out of every 3 adults in Turkey is obese, and we come first in Europe in terms of the use of tobacco products. According to the latest data, the number of smokers in Turkey has exceeded 20 million. In addition, 44% of society state that they have never done sport in their life. Looking at this picture, it is possible to say that the Turkish people have not taken the necessary steps to protect their heart health and about 35% of the society are potential heart patients.”.

Golden recommendations for a healthy heart

Stating that it is actually quite easy to protect heart health, Fedakar Günsili shared golden suggestions to lead a healthy and long life.

Eat healthily

A balanced diet is very important for a healthy heart and circulatory system. This diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, and legumes with limited salt, sugar, and fat intake.

Do regular physical activity

Regular physical activity for at least 20-30 minutes every day helps you maintain your cardiovascular fitness; at least 60 minutes of physical activity several days a week also helps keep fit.

Avoid tobacco

Cigarettes, cigars, pipes or chewable tobacco in all their forms are very harmful to health. It is also dangerous to be exposed to tobacco smoke. The risk of heart attack and stroke starts to decline soon after a person stops using tobacco products, and this risk can be halved after 1 year.

Get your overall cardiovascular risk checked

An important way to prevent heart attacks and strokes is to provide treatment and counselling to high-risk groups (10-year cardiovascular risk equal to or greater than 30%) and to reduce their cardiovascular risk. Using simple risk charts, a healthcare professional can estimate your cardiovascular state and provide appropriate recommendations for managing your risk factors.

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