University graduates to become a rising star in the software industry

University graduates to become a rising star in the software industry
25 September 2020

“Star Software Developer Training Program” is going to fill the employment gap in the software industry.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The goal of reaching a number of 500 thousand developers in the framework of Turkey's "2023 Industry and Technology Strategy" achieves a new step. BilgeAdam Academy, which has been providing technology training since 1997, initiates the "Star Software Developer Training Program" in order to close the employment gap in the software industry.

The statement says: “The training program called “BilgeAdam Boost” will turn its graduates into the stars of the industry exposing the participants to real-world cases and simulations, providing them with educational content integrated with the latest technology and its experienced instructor staff. BilgeAdam Boost, which is designed to train the best software experts with the knowledge and competence level in line with the current needs of the business world, focused on human, knowledge, competence and quality”.

They will gain experience in internships and real projects

Within the scope of the project, Boost participants will have the opportunity to do an internship for 2 months with software development teams at the ITU Teknokent headquarters in Istanbul or Bilkent Cyberpark in Ankara, after a 6-month intensive training program. In this process, they will be able to acquire real project experience, develop teamwork skills and carry research skills to higher levels in line with the industry needs. The participants will be provided with mentoring throughout their training; at the end of the training career and entrepreneurship coaching will be done until participants get a job. In addition, training courses such as preparing a resume, interview techniques and better self-representation will be given to help students get a job.

"No fee will be charged until starting a job”

Concerning the new Software Development Training Program, BilgeAdam Academy Employment Support Project Manager Zafer Dörter said, "The training program, which very much differs from traditional programs, is enriched with agile methodology and consists of 3-week sprints. After the training, students are provided with a 2-month internship opportunity where they will gain real project experience. Mentorship and career coaching are also provided. In the period from when they start their education until starting working life, they are given support to avoid loss of motivation. They don't pay a penny until they get a job and get a salary. In fact, if they cannot get a job within 18 months after the start of the training, we will cover the cost of their training.”

University and 35 age requirements

Those who want to apply to the program must be university graduates who have completed the numerical departments and are not older than 35. BilgeAdam Boost can be applied by filling out a form on the program's website.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55