Mobile gaming sector is the new course for investors

Mobile gaming sector is the new course for investors
23 September 2020

Together with the worldwide trend, the gaming sector in Turkey is growing every day. Continuing to attract large investment funds and so-called “angel investors” with its potential, the sector has received 500 million liras worth of investment in the last 10 years. In the Turkish gaming industry, which is on the radar of investors, Axell Studio received an investment of 400 thousand dollars.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The growth of the gaming industry around the world increases with each year. In the last 10 years, investors have turned to the gaming sector in Turkey, while the enterprises in the gaming industry has received more than 426 million liras of investment. Especially as a result of the increasing interest in the mobile gaming industry, the Turkish gaming company Axell Studio received an investment of 400 thousand dollars from Rasyonel Global. Noting that they would continue investing in rapidly developing mobile gaming industry in Turkey, Rasyonel Global Board Chairman Murat Erat said “As an expert in evaluating investing opportunities in different areas, I can tell you that Turkey's potential in the gaming industry is much bigger than commonly believed. This sector will highlight and move our country forward in the global arena.”

Aiming for worldwide success in the short term

Sharing the details of the investment they have made, Murat Erat, Chairman of the Board in Rasyonel Global, said: “Axell Studio, one of the ambitious players of the Turkish gaming industry, started its operations in 2019 with a strong capital and commercial infrastructure support. Moreover, it targets 100 million active users around the world in a very short term. As Rasyonel Global, we wanted to support this young and dynamic team with big dreams and walk with them on this path towards becoming the biggest gaming company in Turkey. The mission of our investment, which initially targets the USA, EU countries and the Middle East countries, is to position gaming as a universal activity that transcends age, gender, social status or nationality has been one of the determining factors in our decision to support them.”

"Promising young people should be listened to"

Mentioning that local game enterprises in Turkey may become leaders on the international arena if they are supported ,Murat Erat said, “The world is increasingly going digital, especially young people born in time of the modern technology start to make an effort to assess the commercial opportunities the digital world offer. However, most of the time, they do not get enough support to put it into practice and cannot find the courage to take steps that will add value to our country. At this point, we, as investors, should be able to analyze the world's technology-oriented markets such as mobile gaming well, listen to young people and support them. In this way, we can pave the way for them to represent our country on international platforms and strongly challenge other companies.”

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