Turkish Startup Returns from Stevie Awards with an award

Turkish Startup Returns from Stevie Awards with an award
17 September 2020

SAF Nutrition, which was established in 2019 and produces plant-based organic foods, returned with the award it won in the "Food and Beverage" category from the 2020 Stevie Awards.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The winners of the 2020 Stevie Awards (International Business Awards), which was held for the 15th time this year and where approximately 700 applications were evaluated in different categories, have been announced. The Turkish initiative SAF Nutrition was awarded the "Bronze Award" in the Food and Beverage category from the Stevie Awards with its great improvement in 1 year. Stating that they started out by believing that the most accurate foods and miracles are in nature, SAF Nutrition Founding Partner Tolga Tunçsav said, “Receiving an award from such an important organization with the development and growth we have shown in a short time made us proud both on behalf of our brand and our country.”

We want to increase our share in the natural products market

Stating that the need for the development of agricultural techniques that will minimize the effects of diseases and pests without polluting the air, water and soil in the world is increasing day by day, Tolga Tunçsav said, “Every year, more and more consumers prioritize natural products in their shopping. It is estimated that the natural products market, which is currently stated to have reached 0 billion, will reach 0 billion within 5 years. As a domestic enterprise, we want to increase our share in the natural products market and bring consumers together with our reliable and innovative products.”

Stating that as SAF Nutrition they entered the market with 3 different categories and 22 products in one year, Tolga Tunçsav said, “Just one year after our establishment, our company has achieved national and international brand recognition. Our sales volume increases regularly every month. Consumers' adoption of Pure Nutrition in such a short time shows that we will grow with stronger steps.”

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