Second coronavirus wave causes fear around the world

Second coronavirus wave causes fear around the world
02 September 2020

Most countries in the world are experiencing a second wave fear, returning from the brink of circumventing the coronavirus (Covid-19). Countries such as France, Spain and the USA are trying to reduce the rising number of cases.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Most countries in the world have begun to struggle with the second wave of Covid-19. In Spain, which is considered the center of Covid-19 in Europe, there has been an increase of nearly 25 thousand in the number of new cases since the weekend, while the total number of cases has came close to 500 thousand. The number of cases in the USA has increased to over 6 million 200 thousand people with an unavoidable rise. While 76 thousand 472 new cases were announced last saturday in India, the center of Covid-19 in Asia, the total number of cases reached to 4 million.

In Turkey, the number of cases has recently increased slightly, while experts said this increase was due to the relaxation of the steps of normalization on Eid al-Adha by citizens. According to the latest data in Turkey, the total number of cases is around 270 thousand.

“We owe a lot to healthcare fighters”

Stating that the joint work of private hospitals and public hospitals in Turkey is one of the most important factors in controlling the number of Covid-19 patients and reducing mortality, Özel Ankara Umut Hospital CEO Dr. Fedakar Günsili said, “Compared to many countries in the world, our healthcare fighters stepped up to the plate and successfully complete the healing process of patients with a superhuman struggle. Our healthcare professionals pass the pandemic exam that turns into tragedy all over the world with full marks.”

The total number of doctors in Turkey is 164 thousand 594

Stating that the total number of doctors in Turkey is 164 thousand 594 in 2020, and the total number of nurses is 198 thousand 465, Dr Günsili said, “61.4% of doctors work in the Ministry of Health, 20.4% in universities and 18.2% in the private sector. In addition, the public and private sectors in Turkey together have a total of 25,466 adult intensive care capacity, of which 13,211 are at an advanced level.”

“Turkish health sector is going through the biggest test in its history”

Stating that as the health institutions designated as pandemic hospitals focus only on Covid-19 patients, they focus on the execution of the treatment processes of other patients and maintaining their health, Özel Ankara Umut Hospital Medical Director Assoc. Mehmet Bilgehan Yüksel said, “Our health sector is going through the biggest test in its history. As Ankara Umut Hospital, although we are not a pandemic hospital, we strive to ensure that all our citizens who do not have Covid-19 patients get to their full health. For us, this is considered a flag race. While some of our doctors are fighting on the front line of the pandemic, we are trying to do our best like soldiers who supports behind the front. Our goal is not to disrupt the treatment of non-Covid-19 patients, even if the second wave comes.

75 percent of health investments are from the private sector

Stating that 40 percent of the hospitals serving in Turkey are made up of private hospitals as a result of the Health Transformation Project initiated by the government in 2002 to ensure the establishment of a strong health system, Assoc. Dr. Yüksel said, “The private sector also makes 75 percent of its healthcare investments. Liberalization in health makes it necessary to further expand the area of the private sector in the provision of services and to encourage private hospitalization in this context. The added value created by liberalization will ease the public financing burden and contribute to the healthier functioning of the country's economy.”

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