Glass artist Felekşan Onar participates in Venice Glass Week

Glass artist Felekşan Onar participates in Venice Glass Week
01 September 2020

Turkish glass artist Felekşan Onar is participating in the 4th Venice Glass Week, which will take place in Venice between 5-13 September, with her new work ENCODE.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkish glass artist Felekşan Onar will attend to the 4th Venice Glass Week as an invited quest, which will take place in Venice between 5-13 September 2020 this year. The Turkish artist, who represents Turkish glass art and history in Venice, will participate in Venice Glass Week with his new work ENCODE despite the pandemic.

“I started making mice hot cast in the mold in Murano”

Talking about the event, Felekşan Onar said, “My new work ‘ENCODE’ ,which I have been working on for more than a year, is being prepared for screening at Palazzo Loredan as part of Venice Glass Week. Istanbul, New York and Venice are the three cities where I spent a lot of time, and I have observed again how another group of living things, equivalent to the density of people, persistently settled in these three cities before the pandemic. Mice, like humans, did not leave these cities despite all the chaos. As I pondered this a little, I realized that the use of mice in many scientific studies related to humans was already one of the similarities between these two groups of living things. To express all this, I started making hot cast mice in the mold in Murano. Let's see, those who see these glass mice are perhaps smarter than mice and breathe a little into the cities that we fill with the effect of the pandemic. If we didn't give it, it turned out that nature wanted this recess from us.”

Third-year in Venice

Felekşan Onar participated in the glass bridge installation named 41X in 2018, Esma short film in 2019 and the conference series 'Istanbul-Murano: A Glass Journey', which she participated in the organization for both years. In this year, when many art activities including the Venice Biennale are taken to future dates, the Venice Glass Week will continue without a break and will be followed on the Turkish artist's instagram account.