Antibacterial wallpapers produced in Turkey are in high demand due to the pandemic

Antibacterial wallpapers produced in Turkey are in high demand due to the pandemic
31 August 2020

Changing design approaches with the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world have made designing healthy and hygienic living spaces a priority. The fact that spaces created in the new normal layout have healthy and hygienic environments in addition to stylish designs is very important to architects, designers and users.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Like all sectors, architecture, construction and construction sectors are trying to adapt to the new normal with the Covid-19 pandemic with 260 thousand cases in Turkey and around 25 million cases all over the world. In the architectural context, heated discussions continue on the designs of public spaces, open offices and mega projects with heavy human traffic, while in the construction sector, work continues to adapt to the new order in the field of building materials. Since the first months of 2020, when the importance of hygienic and healthy spaces is first understood, innovative and effective solutions are offered to different application areas of the structure in the construction sector.

Textile-based wallpapers are preferred for interior hygiene.

The concept of “hygiene protection”, which has come to the fore in every field since the beginning of the pandemic process, affected individuals both psychologically and physically. Hygiene has become the first priority of individuals, especially in today's conditions where cleanliness concerns are increasing. Noting that creating healthy spaces in physical space designs as well as using masks, hand cleaning, cologne and anti-bacterial lotion individually, Turkish textile-based wallpaper manufacturer Edofleks General Manager Ayhan Erdogan said, “Choosing sustainable and innovative products as well as products that provide a healthy and hygienic environment has gained importance in the preferences of building materials. Antibacterial floor coverings on floors and self-cleaning smart facade systems on facades started to be preferred.”

Ayhan Erdogan also said, “There are many product options that can be preferred for the walls, which are among the most important elements of the space, which have the highest usage rate with the area they occupy in buildings of all functions and sizes, whether public or private. The healthiest solution for wall surfaces that determine the style of living spaces with their textures, colors and designs is provided with textile-based wallpapers, also known as antibacterial wallpaper. Textile-based wallpapers, also known as anti-bacterial wallpapers, are considered to be the healthiest and most reliable products among their alternatives.”

"Saves up to 40% over a 10-year period"

Stating that textile-based wallpapers, which are also included in the sector as flame-resistant wallpapers, are an effective measure against the risk of fire while increasing the hygiene level of spaces, Ayhan Erdogan said, “Edo-tex products, which we have managed to produce in international standards using the latest technology in Turkey, are of interest in the sector with their easy-to-erase and waterproof properties in addition to their anti-microbial properties. Especially in hospital, school and hotel projects where human traffic is intense; our models, which are often preferred with product structures that are easy to clean, do not contain germs, do not contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, give a great advantage to the projects in which they are involved in hygiene. As well as creating a healthy space primarily when compared with wall paints, wallpapers provide much longer use with a high strength ratio, fastness saves up to 40% over a 10-year period, especially in public and large-scale projects, as it requires less maintenance and manpower. As Edofleks, our goal is to support healthy spatial projects of the future.”

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