We are searching cleaning services on the internet most

We are searching cleaning services on the internet most
31 August 2020

Turkey's service habits in the virtual world were determined, cleaning service searches took place at the summit. While Istanbul residents mostly seek services on the internet for "car maintenance", Ankara residents are searching for a "glass balcony”.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Bringing together the people who provide services in many areas such as renovations, cleaning, transportation, education in the service sector with the people looking for the service, has determined the service habits of Turkey in the virtual world for the first half of 2020.

User reviews are more important than price

The most sought-after service category in Turkey was home cleaning, while the second place was home decoration and renovation service. There was a significant difference in service demands relative to the cities, while the need for common service was in the categories of household cleaning, transportation and home renovations. Apart from the most searched categories, searches were conducted in Istanbul for the most car care services and dietitian services, while in Ankara, searches were conducted for companies and companies that make glass balconies. In addition, car modification and home decoration service in Ankara became other prominent services categories.

Disinfection demand increased by 1.210% with the start of the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic, which began to be seen in Turkey in mid-March, lead to changes in the service habits of consumers; while services that are least seen with masters such as telephone, computer repair, vehicle and auto operations have stepped forward.

“We need to divide this year into two as before and after coronavirus”

Evaluating the research, Founding Partner Kaan Turkmen said, “We need to divide this year's service habits in Turkey before and after the coronavirus. Service preferences before the pandemic and service preferences during the pandemic are separated like a cliff. After the pandemic, we saw a record increase in requests for hygiene-related services. Other service sectors that stopped during the pandemic came to a standstill, while the needs of spraying, disinfection and dietitians were in serious demand.”

"The records in home sales also affected the service sector positively"

Mehmet Ali Efe, one of the founding partners of the company, who noted that the historical records seen in housing loans and home sales under the leadership of state banks and positive effects were seen on the platform, said, “The service sector, which slowed down during the pandemic period, gained a great momentum with the new normalization period in June. The slowdown in shipping and home decoration renovation services during March, April and May increased by 260% in June. Also, there was a 330% increase in home decoration services in June.”

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