77% of Banks Providing Video Communication Services Get More Sales!

77% of Banks Providing Video Communication Services Get More Sales!
28 June 2018

77% of Banks Providing Video Communication Services Get More Sales!

Video banking services are among the most prominent applications for banks that want to achieve competitive advantage today. Research shows that 85% of people receiving video banking services want to use it again, while only 15% of banks use video banking. 40% does not have sufficient information infrastructure.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) -In terms of banking digitalization, falling costs and simplified customer processes, both banks and customers are happy. Since simplified eyen self-service rekabet processes are not enough for optimizing customer experience, video banking is one of the prominent applications for banks that want to create a competitive advantage. CCR, which offers unique customer experience (Omnichannel) technologies, shared data gathered from the results of the içinde Video Banking Report 2018 an report, which brought together the researches conducted in 2018. According to the research; 85% of customers who use the video banking service want to use the service again, while 97% recommend it to the environment. While 77% of banks offering video banking have more sales, only 15% of banks around the world have a technological infrastructure to offer video banking services. More than 90% of banks in Turkey, although they have the necessary infrastructure, does not use these services because they are not aware of the opportunities offered by video conferencing.

50 years ago in the world, self-service banking services that started with ATMs in our country in 1982 are constantly developing with internet branches and mobile mobile applications implemented in 2000s. However, the warm and personalized approach of bank employees remains important as it creates a special experience for the client. Video banking combines the simple and reliable use of technology with the power of real people. With over 20 years of experience, CCR provides technology and consultancy services in the call center industry, and provides a native and next generation solution for video banking, especially through the EasyConnect Video, a speech platform that provides high quality audio and video communications. Thanks to video communication, banks are reducing their opening and operating costs, increasing their sales, and entering a new era in customer satisfaction. While waiting and processing times of customers are shortened, there is also the possibility to receive face-to-face service outside of working hours.

CCR CEO Türker Erkin stated that the video calls will have an important place in our lives in the near future and have already attracted great attention. EasyConnect can use Video as a new communication channel to install. The WebRTC platform is 100% integrated with Genesys products, with one click, without the need to download any additional applications. Thanks to TTPS and SSL protocols, without any security problems, EasyConnect Video can meet all the requirements for video calling platforms with screen, file and overlay features. As a CCR team, we are receiving extensive demand from Genesys customers all over the world and we are very pleased to show interest in a domestic product at this level. 

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About CCR

Since the year 2011 call center and voice solutions for producing CCR, Genesys partner in Turkey, Europe and operates in the Middle East. CCR, which has the strongest technical team in the region, directs the sector with EasyConnect products developed with the original software and contributes to create a özgün perfect customer experience ği. The R & D department of CCR, located in Kozyatağı, Istanbul, is located in Yıldız Technical University İkitelli Teknopark Campus. The CCR also offers technical consultancy, service and next-generation solutions in the customer experience and call center area to the Middle East through its office in Zurich since 2014, to its office in Dubai since 2017. CCR has local and global references in many sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce.