Barikat is among Turkey's ‘Top 500 IT companies’ with its two brand

Barikat is among Turkey's ‘Top 500 IT companies’ with its two brand
28 August 2020

Barikat, which operates in the field of cyber security, ranked first in the data security software category of the top 500 IT companies research with a net sales revenue of 117.4 million TL. Barikat BT ranked 5th in the same category and Barikat was represented in the top 10 with two brands. Barikat jumped 20 places on the list of Turkey's top 500 IT companies to 79th place.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The results of Turkey's top 500 IT companies 2019 research has been announced online, which is presented as a reference source for the IT sector in Turkey and held for the 21st of this year. Barikat, which operates in the field of cyber security, was the winner of the first prize in the category “data security software” on the night that companies operating in the IT sector found the winner of a total of 99 awards together with special awards and evaluated based on the net sales revenues of 2019. Barikat has strengthened its position in the cybersecurity market by placing it ahead of its nearest competitor by 25 million TL in terms of revenue. In addition, according to sales revenues, the company jumped twenty places between the “top 500 IT companies” to 79th place.

In 2017, Barikat IT company established in order to provide cyber security solutions abroad in addition to the services provided by the company to the corporate and private sector in the Marmara region also entered the ranking in 5 categories. Barikat, in addition to its activities in Turkey, continues its activities in its offices in Amsterdam, Doha and Baku, and is the first “service provider” in Turkey to serve in the global market with a staff of 230 people.

"Our commercial success is a well-deserved result of our team's effort"

Stating that they have made a serious progress in the light of the management principles with the innovation they have adopted so far and they are proud to crown their success once again with awards, Barikat CEO Murat Hüseyin Candan said, “We believe that cyber security has an important place in the future of our country. It makes us proud to be a part of this future and to influence its shaping. We increase our energy and refresh our belief with all the awards we received, especially the IT 500 awards. However, this and every success we have achieved like this is possible with the efforts of our colleagues, while we are proud to be able to work with them. On this occasion, I would like to thank all the employees of Barikat and all our customers who gave us the chance to take part in their projects by trusting us.”

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