We spent an average of 650 liras on online furniture and decoration shopping

We spent an average of 650 liras on online furniture and decoration shopping
28 August 2020

Home and decoration products stood out in online shopping in the first half of the year, while the average basket amount reached 650 liras. The most purchased product was the kitchen table.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - E-commerce had one of its golden years in 2020. The isolated life brought on by the coronavirus pandemic that took the world by storm caused many needs to be solved through internet shopping. According to the information shared by the home and decoration products platform Evform, in the first 6 months of the year, there was a serious trend towards home textile, decoration and furniture, while the kitchen table and set were mostly purchased. Those who want to make up for the shortcomings of their homes spent an average of 650 liras on internet orders.

“Online furniture sales have increased 20% in the last three years and 95% in the last six months”

Stating that they sold more than 110 thousand home decoration and furniture products in the first 6 months of the year, Evform Marketing Manager Ahmet Demir said, “Turkey's e-commerce volume increased by 64 percent in the first half of the year, especially with the recovery in the second quarter of the year, reaching 91 billion 700 million liras. We have raised our year-end target with exceptional mobility in the second quarter of the year. At the end of the year, we aim to sell 200 thousand units in total.”

“Housing sales had an impact on furniture shopping”

Stating that the dynamism in the second quarter of the year is the lifeline support of the sector, Ahmet Demir said, “With the impact of the credit campaigns that started under the leadership of state banks, the records in housing sales caused a boom in turnover in online shopping in May and June. For this reason, furniture was the most growing category in Evform for the first time. Furniture sales showed a 20% increase on the internet in the last three years and Turkey surpassed billion in turnover.”

"Shipping companies can easily damage products"

Referring to the difficulties experienced on online furniture shopping, Demir said, “We are experiencing problems especially with cargo companies. The shipping companies can easily damage the furniture. In this case, customers believe that ‘intentionally damaged product was sent.’ At Evform we did not completely overcome these problems even though we changed the damaged products for free. In fact, we found that one person wrote the same complaint 42 times on the internet. The interesting thing is that we have also detected complaints from people who have not even done shopping. When we reached the person who wrote this complaint, we got the answer “someone else wrote it, so I wrote it too.” The number of complaints on the internet platforms is perceived as the number of people complaining. The lack of an approval authority in such platforms; the fact that every person who wants to write a complaint to the company, in any way they want to make a doodling affects the image of institutions such as ours. We are a firm with a substantial amount of investment where hundreds of people work. Complaint platforms need to work on such cases.”

"The rate of answering incoming calls has reached 98%"

Emphasizing that they have established a bridge between the vendor and the consumer as a shopping platform, Demir said, “In the past years, with the increase in product sales in Evform, we have experienced some deviations in the line of customer satisfaction as a result of the fact that the companies selling on the platform could not manage the volume. As a company, we learned from this situation and restructured our customer service team in early 2020. We made the operation leg professional with warehouse and shipping areas exceeding a total of 5,000 square meters in 2 different locations in Ankara. Our rate of answering incoming calls is 98% right now. In addition, we make satisfaction calls with over 3,000 outgoing calls per month.”

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